NEVER, NEVER, NEVER leave your child alone with a doctor or dentist. For that matter with Police or lawyers either. I really question the need to leave a child alone with a therapist. Your child is YOUR CHILD. The odds are good that most are honorable people, BUT there are some who are NOT. There is no red light on their foreheads to tell us when they can't be trusted.

Now if your doctor or your child's doctor asks such a queston...stop before a answer is given (you don't owe him one) and say, "I understand that drug abuse runs wild with people in the medical careers. What did your last drug test show? Are you abusing drugs currently? Can you prove this? Do you leave drugs around your children? When did you last abuse your wife or children? Do you sexually abuse your staff or patients? If your answer is no...can you prove it?" You get the idea