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    I don't think this particular Lott article has been posted yet. If it has been already posted then...mods...feel free to delete it.

    Right-to-carry Law Is The Way To Go

    John R. Lott Jr.
    Philadelphia Inquirer

    While murder rates have been falling or have been flat for years in the rest of the country, Philadelphia's rate has been rising. Last year's murder rate was the highest since 1993, and Philadelphia replaced Chicago, the perennial leader, as the top 10 largest city with the highest murder rate. With 85 murders in the first 88 days of 2005, the city's murder rate is well ahead of even last year's.

    Mayor John Street's solution? He's doing little about fixing the city's declining arrest rates for murder. Instead, he blames the law-abiding citizens who have permits to carry concealed handguns. He announced on Thursday that the city will deliberately begin delaying issuing new concealed handgun permits. Gov. Rendell's proposed crime task force promises to examine the issue further.

    No reporters seem to have asked Street or Rendell the obvious question: If permit-holders are the problem, how many of those 85 murders were caused by a person with a permitted concealed handgun? When I asked, the city police and mayor's office were unable or unwilling to answer that question, but my guess is zero.

    In the extraordinarily rare cases when permit-holders get in trouble, there is news coverage. Yet there's not one single news story on such a case this year.

    Indeed, with 28,000 concealed handgun permit-holders in Philadelphia and more than 600,000 statewide, there was no such murder last year, or the year before, or the year before in the entire state. Only two have been recorded since the state law started in 1989.

    Instead, in Philadelphia there are a number of cases such as this: Last December, a robber shot at a deliveryman despite having taken all his money, and only then did the deliveryman use his permitted concealed handgun to wound the robber.

    There are dramatic cases statewide. A couple of years ago, a serial rapist in Pittsburgh was wounded by his sixth intended victim who had a permitted concealed handgun.

    Pennsylvania's experience isn't unusual. Thirty-six other states have similar right-to-carry laws, and nine other states allow people to carry under more restrictive rules. In all of these cases, the type of person willing to take the time to apply for a permit and go through a criminal background check is extremely law-abiding. They lose their permits for any type of gun-related offenses at hundredths or thousandths of one percent.

    Ohio, our most recent neighbor to adopt a right-to-carry law, adopted it almost a year ago. The Akron Beacon Journal reported last week that "some in law enforcement worried that routine traffic stops and road rage incidents would turn violent. That hasn't happened." Similarly, in 2002, after Michigan's right-to-carry law had been in effect for a year, the Detroit News reported: "Such self-defense has not yet resulted in any kind of wave of new gun violence among those with fresh [concealed-weapon] permits, several law enforcement officials throughout Metro Detroit agreed."

    Consider the two largest states with right-to-carry laws, Florida and Texas. During the 15 years after Florida's concealed-carry law took effect in October 1987, about 800,000 licenses were issued. Only 143 of these (two-hundredths of 1 percent) were revoked because of firearms-related violations. But even this statistic overstates the risks, as almost all of these cases apparently resulted from people simply accidentally carrying a gun into a restricted area, such as an airport.

    The experience in Texas was similar. From 1996 through 1999, the first four years of Texas' concealed handgun law, 215,000 people were licensed. Data from the Texas Department of Public Safety showed that permit-holders were convicted of a crime only 6 percent as often as other adult Texans.

    Police Commissioner Sylvester Johnson's claim that Pennsylvania has "the most lenient gun laws in the entire country" is simply incorrect. Several states don't even require a permit to carry a concealed handgun. Pennsylvania's law was modeled on Indiana's and is virtually identical to it. Pennsylvania is also one of 17 states that require background checks on even private transfers of guns. Rendell favors adopting a limit of one gun a month. But no published academic studies show that such limits reduce any type of violent crime rate.

    If the state's gun laws are a problem, then why has Pittsburgh's murder rate fallen by 20 percent this year while Philadelphia's has increased?

    As State Rep. Dwight Evans, a Philadelphia Democrat, noted, "If Mayor Street thinks he's going to suddenly make street violence disappear by denying law-abiding citizens their right to self-defense, he's sadly mistaken." If Mayor Street is unwilling to protect Philadelphians by fixing the city's problems with law enforcement and lax judges, at least let law-abiding citizens protect themselves.

    John R. Lott Jr. (jlott@aei.org), a resident scholar at the American Enterprise Institute, is the author of "More Guns, Less Crime" as well as "The Bias Against Guns."

    "The Bias Against Guns" (Regnery, 2003).
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    There you go trying to use facts and fiqures again. Look when the Chief Executive of the Land is destroying the Constitution what do we expect!!! The Democrats are loving Bush for taking our freedoms, it fits with their caring plans for us. In the future when you go to the mall there will be a guy that kinda looks like the KBG(they will import them) to check your papers. Any tell tale signs of being happy or content will get you moved to a room for interrogation.
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    Your paper please .... do you have any papers to prove these are your papers... do you have any papers to prover these papaers saying these papers are your papers... ummm no BOOM....

    Funny we havnt had the strees of blood and all that crap and heck we got detroit

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    Thing is - to us logical folks, the benefits of carry are obvious - incontravertible even. The anti's however, existing as they do on gut-driven emotion and little else (except the ''control'' agenda) will still forever be bleeting about the ''rivers of blood''.... ''streets awash with blood'' ..... ''gunfight at OK Corral'' etc. But no concrete proof to back that up - whatsoever.

    Any ''rivers of blood'' are within the criminal section - whether gang bangers or sreet criminals - and no amount of control as we know will sort them out, one bit.

    FortyFive - heaven forbid we should be ''found out'' showing any happiness - even if we have our ''smile licence'' and ''grin licence'' - well, the men in suits may still be just round the corner!
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    Hey thanks for posting....ya gotta love Lott. He works hard for our cause.
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    Quote Originally Posted by SGeringer
    Hey thanks for posting....ya gotta love Lott. He works hard for our cause.
    I corresponded with Lott a few years ago by email when I inquired about some statisitcs that he used for his book "More Guns, Less Crime". He seems like a pretty decent no BS kind of guy.

    Whats funny is at one time Lott was a die hard anti gunner...until he did a study and found out that the statistical evidence that was being used by the anti gunside was made from thin air and lies. When he got to examining DOJ,FBI and other statics published by real organizations, he realized that there was more to the story than he was lead to believe. Making this information public, got him in a lot of hot water by his liberal cohorts who engaged in a smear campaign to discredit everything he said or does.
    At least he was intelligent enough to change his mind when he confronted the facts.

    The problem with many people is that once their mind is made up, no amount of logic of even fact seems to have any affect on their thought process. Thats why we have die hard liberals that have never held a real job anywhere getting into politics, where reality and fact mean absolutley nothing...

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    & Love That Avatar!

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