An interesting article on Open Carry by a Peace Officer
Indian Wars continued in Texas until 1874 by Federal Troops, during the “re-construction” period following the War from 1861 to 1865. Note: Texas passed law 3 years earlier in 1871, to disarm Texans of their handguns. Indian Wars by Federal Troops continued until 1900, 29 years after disarming Texans of their handguns.
This is a very interesting read , failure to study history leads to the doom of the past.
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The People Have Been Disarmed Throughout the State"
The far more draconian statute was passed on April 12, 1871, entitled "An Act to regulate the keeping and bearing of deadly weapons."[144] For the first time, Texas prohibited the bearing of all arms (p.658)other than rifles and shotguns at any place off of one's premises. Today's statute derives from the 1871 act passed by the Reconstruction legislature.
Another interesting article from 2005 on carrying in Texas
Is it gun control or people control ?
By the Act of April 12, 1871, Texas became the
first American state to deny its citizens the right of self-
defense; the carrying of deadly weapons was prohibited

A person who intends suicide after mass murder, will not
be deterred by any law. (In the absence of guns, one man
with $1 worth of gasoline successfully murdered 87 people in
New York City two years ago.) A criminal who intends
murder, is unconcerned about the minor punishment of
carrying a concealed weapon. Only the law-abiding person,
with no criminal history, is deterred by such laws. (Does VA TECH and Omaha ring a bell in this regard ?)
Some Texans regained the ability to bear arms in 1995, when the CHL law was passed and signed by Governor (now President) Bush. It provided much needed relief from the long denial of rights. About 1% of all Texans have obtained a government license and can carry as they travel around the state. The other 99% are still under the ban that began in 1871.
Attorney General of the State of Texas 1984
The Truth About the Second Amendment
"A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed."