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    Message to Joe sent. Pete

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    Wouldn't it be ironic if she got mugged soon after saying that. Especially after dismissing how many lives were just saved. She has no moral or ethical character at all.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bonesnofoa View Post
    Wouldn't it be ironic if she got mugged soon after saying that.
    A dollar to a doughnut that even that wouldn't do it. Can't be lettin' a little truth and reality get in the way of one's world view. Though one would think it's not too much to ask for someone with a microphone and a position of relaying news to actually report it ... not spin or butcher it.

    I've got a close family member who is that way, thinking guns are bad in all cases, reality be damned. Never could understand where it comes from. Can't understand how such an otherwise bright person can be so deluded.
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    Quote Originally Posted by P95Carry View Post
    If that is what the clip shows - I ain't goin there - I value my health too much.
    I also can't watch it. Stuff like that raises my blood pressure and makes me angry. No use getting angry at something/someone I can't change. If she is too dense to accept a blatantly obvious FACT, then a scathing email won't make any change. I won't be banging my head against the wall, I will just give me a headache and won't affect the wall.
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    Why is this lady so offended that 50-100 innocent men, women, and children attending church were NOT murdered?

    Perhaps she is thinking that it would have been a much bigger, better story if the body count was higher. What other reason could she have for objecting to some one saving so many lives?
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    Originally Posted by ridurall View Post
    I've heard it said that MSNBC now only has enough viewers to fit on a bus...

    Quote Originally Posted by OPFOR View Post
    Obviously, their reporters all fit on the SHORT bus...

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    In another tread on this forum, the question is being asked if we felt we had a duty to intervene in a crime being committed. Well if it's this gal being raped, I might ask the rapist if he needed a sock to stuff in her mouth so he would not have to hear the no no no no!

    Each large corporation has to be an EOE, so they may be required to hire the mentally handicapped, and she fit the bill.

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    Another one I shut off

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    Mika Brzezinski

    Tried to send a comment but their server won't let me submit it. I wonder if they've set up a rule that deletes any comment that contains her name?
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    I kinda like how he pressed the issue, and was able to make her squirm...I wish we could have been there when the camera did finally go off...I think he let her off too easy while the camera was rolling...She seems like one of those people that think firearms can jump off the table and open fire by themselves...

    That was raw ignorance of the facts, and one emotional liberal media queen, that can't bear to hear the truth...I bet her and Rosie do lunch, and I have the first voter in line to cast her ballot for Hillary.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Cupcake View Post
    I just threw up a bit in my mouth. Can't bear to watch the clip. What a moron.

    If death is what we fear, our freedoms were never realized.

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    Quote Originally Posted by SleepingZ View Post
    In another tread on this forum, the question is being asked if we felt we had a duty to intervene in a crime being committed. Well if it's this gal being raped, I might ask the rapist if he needed a sock to stuff in her mouth so he would not have to hear the no no no no!


    I was thinking the exact same thing when reading on Page 2.

    Not wishing any person ill will, but I hope that one of these publicly HUGE antis gets attacked/mugged by someone with a perfectly legal weapon (bat, kitchen knife, soup spoon...) and gets saved by a CC holder bystander.

    I would of course offer to pay for the counseling of the CC holder afterwards...The mental trauma they would suffer after they found out they saved the person trying to take away their right.

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    She would probably yell at the CC holder for shooting her assailant because it was not the assailants fault - he or she was simply a victim of not having enough weapon control laws created to keep the legal weapon out of his or her hands (She would then call for the creation of FWL (Feaderal Weapons License) dealers who can only sell anything that could be used as a weapon - bats, kitchen knifes, soup spoons, rope, pens, etc to folks who pass a background check).
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