Ron Paul - One Reason Not To Vote For

Ron Paul - One Reason Not To Vote For

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Thread: Ron Paul - One Reason Not To Vote For

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    Ron Paul - One Reason Not To Vote For

    *** Ron Paul
    - in favor of a 24 hour check background check at gun shows.

    Ron Paul one reason not to vote for in regard to 2A.

    Opposed 3-day gun show background check requirement in favor of a 24-hour check. Has a B rating from the NRA.

    Huckabee, remains 100% for the 2A.

    Opposes reauthorization of the assault weapons ban. Opposes mandatory trigger locks for handguns. Opposes waiting periods for gun purchases. Owns a variety of firearms. NRA member. Has a concealed carry permit.

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    i'd like to see another source besides cnn on this one, as well as the original context.
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    I share our Founders’ belief that in a free society each citizen must have the right to keep and bear arms. They ratified the Second Amendment knowing that this right is the guardian of every other right, and they all would be horrified by the proliferation of unconstitutional legislation that prevents law-abiding Americans from exercising this right.

    I have always supported the Second Amendment and these are some of the bills I have introduced in the current Congress to help restore respect for it:

    * H.R. 1096 includes provisions repealing the Brady Handgun Violence Prevention Act and the Federal Firearms License Reform Act of 1993, two invasive and unconstitutional bills.
    * H.R. 1897 would end the ban on carrying a firearm in the National Park System, restoring Americans’ ability to protect themselves in potentially hazardous situations.
    * H.R. 3305 would allow pilots and specially assigned law enforcement personnel to carry firearms in order to protect airline passengers, possibly preventing future 9/11-style attacks.
    * H.R. 1146 would end our membership in the United Nations, protecting us from their attempts to tax our guns or disarm us entirely.

    In the past, I introduced legislation to repeal the so-called “assault weapons” ban before its 2004 sunset, and I will oppose any attempts to reinstate it.

    I also recently opposed H.R. 2640, which would allow government-appointed psychiatrists to ban U.S. veterans experiencing even mild forms of Post-Traumatic Stress Syndrome from ever owning a gun.

    You have the right to protect your life, liberty, and property. As President, I will continue to guard the liberties stated in the Second Amendment.

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    He was for 24 hours as opposed to 3 days - this does not mean he's for background checks, it just means he chose the lesser of two evils. You need to know the background, what these bills were like and how the debate was going to know why he voted as he did.

    If you have ever heard Paul speak about ANYTHING regarding individual freedom, state tyranny, government intervention.. You would KNOW that Paul would never stand for arbitrary government control of private sales. In this instance it seems he had to choose between arbitrary control and even worse arbitrary control.

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    IMHO this thread is going to get ugly fast . Partly due to the title . While i wont at this point report it ( not to me a clear violation ) , i will ask the mods to moniter it closely and lock it before it gets out of hand ( i know the team will , but we have a nice forum here and specific canadate threads can only cause hard feelings for someone ) .
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    The NRA supported HR 2122 (24 Hour background check). Imo, if you read the text of the bill, it was a lesser of evils because it forced it to allow sales quickly and hit criminals harder for using firearms wit high capacity magazines. Since he has other bills to repeal the '68 act and thus do away with background checks, I really think this is a moot issue.

    It also allowed dealers to deal face to face.
    ...He suggested that "every American citizen" should own a rifle and train with it on firing ranges "at every courthouse." -Chesty Puller

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    Keep this strictly 2A oriented and it'll survive a while - but this stuff (like Obama thread) is very borderline for this forum.

    To try and avoid being too tough we have tried to give some rope so that political stuff can run up to a point. Believe me it's hard to find the right balance such that 2A/carry aspects can fly but pure politics cannot.

    The fate of this thread and others with political flavor will depend entirely on how posts go - wade in with deep stuff on candidates instead of more superficial 2A aspects and we'll probably see closure.
    Chris - P95
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    Here's one of my favorite slogans:

    Ron Paul - He thinks your guns are none of his business.

    Huckabee, or any of the others, has no plan to remove us from the UN as far as I know. Here is a nice little obscure Paul quote.

    EF - You have also written (and I have quoted you) that the U.N. is actively working to criminalize the 2nd Amendment. Who do you think the men at the top are, and what is their ultimate plan?

    RP - Anybody in Washington that likes big government, authoritarian government, which is most of them; deep down, the 2nd Amendment is their greatest obstacle, in the physical sense. Their other greatest obstacle is the right of free speech.

    I think that they haven't been able to be as aggressive with guns because it's a healthy sign of this country. I think our people defend the 2nd Amendment better than they defend the 1st Amendment. Which is sort of a twist, I think. Twenty years ago that probably wasn't the case.

    Once again, what they say and what they really want are two different things. They criticize the U.N, yet they want to build it up. They can say they support the 2nd Amendment. At the same time, they wouldn't mind curtailing that freedom. Because that is the ultimate freedom.

    I kid a lot at my speeches and say, you know, I believe in gun control. I want to take the guns away from those 100,000 federal bureaucrats who own them. The Al Gores of the world, Schumer, these people…they want a monopoly of the guns. They never talk about getting rid of the guns from the bureaucrats. But, they want to get rid of the guns from the people who can't defend themselves.

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    I don't think I'll comment.
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    I wholly agree with Redneck Repairs; if only because of the title, this thread is already treading on thin ice. I can't even think of what to add that hasn't already been said (especially by joffe).


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    On the 2A, Ron Paul is right on the mark on everything I have ever read on him. Ron Paul is a bigger supporter of the 2A than the NRA. Ron Paul already GOA's endorsement for President. As an one issue voter, that one issue is the 2A. Below is the only item I have ever seen negative on the 2A by Ron Paul and yes it is from CNN not FOX.

    *** Ron Paul
    - in favor of a 24 hour check background check at gun shows.

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