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Lack of respect for the 2A: CCW on Air Lines

This is a discussion on Lack of respect for the 2A: CCW on Air Lines within the The Second Amendment & Gun Legislation Discussion forums, part of the Related Topics category; Originally Posted by LongRider Thanks is always surprises me how many on gun forums reveal that they really think that 2nd Amendment a cherished privilege ...

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Thread: Lack of respect for the 2A: CCW on Air Lines

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    Quote Originally Posted by LongRider View Post
    Thanks is always surprises me how many on gun forums reveal that they really think that 2nd Amendment a cherished privilege subject to restrictions and limitations. How many cite crime stats that show CCW reduces crime, They point out the states with the most liberal CCW laws as being the states with the lowest crime. They quote our founding fathers about the intent and need for the 2nd Amendment. Yet, they understand the need for background checks, finger printing, registration, certification and restrictions on where and who can carry. Often citing the very same reasons & fears the Brady Bunch uses to ban all guns. Maybe it is time for us to follow our own reasoning and accept that despite our concerns the safest state is not the one with the best thought out certification & registration program but the one that recognizes that the 2nd Amendment is an inalienable right and has no gun control laws at all. Where anyone sixteen older old can buy any gun they choose to and carry it as they see fit.
    I agree. There is a probability that if gun laws were removed there would be an increase of "gun problems" while society got used to the change but that would smooth out in a year or so. I believe the gun problems would be the BGs and Darwinism will shine.

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    Myth Busters

    Anyone see the Myth busters episode when they tested the rapid decompression theory? They took the hull of a retired jetliner, vaccuumed all of the air out of it, and using a remote arm fired a 9mm into one of the passenger windows. if i remember correctly, it took several shots to even crack the window, and once a hole was made there was no rapid decompression.

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    Quote Originally Posted by CarryingMarine View Post
    ... by not allowing us TRAINED CCWers to carry on public transportation...
    Regardless of my thoughts of persons being allowed to carry firearms on commercial aircraft, I think part of the problem is the above statement (no disrespect intended). What do you mean by "trained CCWer's"? In my state, there is NO TRAINING required to get a CCW permit. You do not have to display any ability to use the firearm...period. I personally know people who went and got their CCW and carry a gun every day who have no idea if the pistol will fire when they pull the trigger because...wait for it...they have never, ever shot it! In fact, at least two of them have never fired a pistol in their life! They plan to "get around to it sometime soon", but meanwhile, they carry a loaded gun on their person almost every day. Are those the folks you want drawing down and laying fire on the 737 you or your family are sitting on? Again, I'm not getting into the base theory of the idea, but just this specific part: What do you consider a "trained CCW'er"? Who decides what training is sufficient? Do you allow people with CCW's from some states to carry onboard the aircraft, but not other states? Who decides which states qualify?

    Finally, you have to consider the pilot's wishes. When the rubber meets the road (or leaves the tarmac, as the case may be), the Pilot in Command OWNS that aircraft. What he/she says goes. How many commercial pilots are going to go along with armed civilian passengers onboard their aircraft? Do you have any idea how many commercial pilots don't like having federal agents carrying onboard? Every year there are numerous incidents of commercial pilots trying to refuse service to armed federal agents.

    Folks, it ain't quite as simple as you want it to be.

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    The lack of guns in the hands of citizens on planes didn't cause the hijackings, but the presence of them likely would have prevented them.
    Also, as the the effects of bullets on airplanes, you need to watch the Mythbusters episode where they actually tested this. No explosive decompression, just a small hole that slowly leaked air. Even a number of holes, say an entire 30 round magazine's worth, would still probably give the pilot plenty of time to descend to breathable altitude and airplanes have oxygen masks anyway.

    The airplane is the ultimate gun-free zone. Huge numbers of pilots are military vets, all of them have to pass physical standards. Give every one of them a gun at the bare minimum.

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