Utah-gun oweners vs property rights bill

Utah-gun oweners vs property rights bill

This is a discussion on Utah-gun oweners vs property rights bill within the The Second Amendment & Gun Legislation Discussion forums, part of the Related Topics category; SB67 would block employers from instituting policies that would ban employees from bringing guns onto the company parking lot. The Senate Government Operations and Political ...

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Thread: Utah-gun oweners vs property rights bill

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    Utah-gun oweners vs property rights bill

    SB67 would block employers from instituting policies that would ban employees from bringing guns onto the company parking lot. The Senate Government Operations and Political Subdivisions Committee gave the bill a favorable recommendation Tuesday by a 4-2 vote
    Deseret Morning News | It'll be guns vs. landowners in Senate

    Is there any states that have a law like this in effect?
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    Not there yet in AZ. Been talk about it though. On a similar note, there was an interesting debate last year on legislation proposed to force government agencies to provide storage lockers to gun owners or we'd be allowed in building carrying. Also on books and in separate post here the current push to allow CCW on school grounds

    Gotta run - the 5pm whistle is blowing. I'll try and get on tonight and see if I can clarify some more.

    Fight the anti's with all your power as a free citizen on that one!
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    Quote Originally Posted by TyC View Post
    Deseret Morning News | It'll be guns vs. landowners in Senate

    Is there any states that have a law like this in effect?
    I just read that FL has a law up for consideration similar to this.
    Not sure where it is in the pipeline.

    I'll try to find it.
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    It's about time.... I am sick and tired of hearing about the "rights" of property owners as if it is some kind of separate little kingdom they can rule on a whim. Don't get me wrong, I am not totally against all property rights, but where personal protection is an issue, no one, except our elected officials and the courts that interpret the laws' constitutionality have any authority to tell anyone they can subrogate the individuals' right to protect themselves, period.

    I certainly hope more state legislatures take up these issues. i know Texas did, and the "bidness lobby" managed to kill the bill in committee, but it should be coming up for consideration again when the legislature reconvenes in 2009. Hopefully, Texas can once again be one of the leaders in CCW reforms like they did when they passed the most victim-friendly "Castle-Doctrine" legislation in the country.

    We can only hope.....
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    I'm not sure, but I think Oklahoma passed a law to that effect, however it is being challenged in court.

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    Quote Originally Posted by archer51 View Post
    I'm not sure, but I think Oklahoma passed a law to that effect, however it is being challenged in court.
    OK did pass a law, and ConocoPhillips is leading the charge against it:

    Old thread about OK court case (pending)
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    I've written here before that I believe private property rights & the right to self-defense are both complimentary & necessary to each other in order for a free society to exist. I have a problem with those that hold the view that edr9x23super seems to have that their right to carry somehow trumps someone else's private property rights.

    But I have equal problems with companies who seem to think that the simple act of hiring a person somehow causes the car they use to get to work every day to become the company's property. That's the only logic I can come up with that would give a company the idea that they can have any say whatsoever in what legally possessed items any of their employees have in their own car - i.e. their private property. If it is legal for an employee to carry a weapon of any kind, it should be none of the company's business whether or not that property is kept locked in the employee's car while they are at work.

    They of course have every right to have control over what happens on their own property. What I'm arguing is that the contents of an employee's vehicle - and the vehicle itself - is at no time ever under the control of the company. If they don't want guns in private property - employee's cars - in their parking lot, then they should keep the cars themselves out of lot. Of course, then there wouldn't be much need for a lot now would they...

    The company's private property rights (to the parking lot they are paying property taxes & maintenance on) don't trump the employee's private property rights (to the car on which they pay taxes, insurance, maintenance, etc).

    But of course, I'm using my 'superpowers' of logic & reason - two abilities which seem to be conspicuously absent from the anti's pool of talents...
    "It is only as retaliation that force may be used and only against the man who starts its use. No, I do not share his evil or sink to his concept of morality: I merely grant him his choice, destruction, the only destruction he had a right to choose: his own." - John Galt, from Atlas Shrugged

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    I am torn here because while I dont like companies that have a no gun policy I know why they have them in place, LAWSUITS, plain and simple, I went to an interview at a company that had a "no firearms" policy, left my firearm in my car, went through the interview and then while reviewing the policies of the company decided it was not the place for me to work, If they feel I can't keep a gun in my car on their property it is their right, just like if you come to my house and I tell you you cant carry a gun inside my house as far as I am concerned, BUT I dont think I should be able to tell you you cant leave your gun in your car even though your on my driveway. FYI the company called me back for a 2nd interview and I told them the reason I would not go back to their property was because I googled the location and found there was too high a crime rate in the neighborhood, and if they didnt trust me to drive to work armed I didnt trust them to keep me safe at work either, funny thing about that was their response, "we have armed guards, you are safer here than you would be driving to work" EXACTLY MY POINT, how do I get to work? SOME PEOPLE DONT GET IT.

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    Move to Ky. Our laws forbid a company from such nonsense as prohibiting firearms on company property.

    Schools,Court Houses,Federal buildings,jails, bars are about all that are outlawed.

    I'm way too old to go to school. Law abiding , stay out of the Courts system and jails if possible. Dont drink in bars, so, I guess I am good to go just about anywhere I want with my self protection device straped on my hip.
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    Kansas' CCH law is still in it's infancy (took effect 01/01/2007) and as originally written, had no wording which prevented posting of parking lots. With the passage of HB 2528, several things changed. The two items pertinent to this conversation (from the AG's web site) are:
    Also changed with HB 2528, business owners (both public and private) may continue to post their buildings to restrict the concealed carry of firearms, but parking lots are no longer allowed to be posted.

    Employers, both public and private, may continue to restrict a licensed employee’s ability to carry concealed while they are performing the duties of their employ, but licensed employees are allowed to store their firearm in their private means of conveyance, even if parked on company property.
    We're learning.

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