I am not well versed in the 'right to bear arms' arguement, but it seems to me that taking away or according to our left-wing friends "regulating" firearms, is a silly way to ensure the safety of the people and reduce violent crime. I enjoy history and though I am no expert it seems to me, if one were to reflect on the past, that humans have always been quite capable of violence without the aid of a firearm. I think the past also shows us that those without the ability or means to defend ones self have been unjustly ruled or preyed upon by those who had such means. I intend to be neither unjustly ruled or preyed upon. I believe that history is a teaching aid which allows us to look at others or our own mistakes and successes and learn from them. Disarming a nation of people and leaving the only weapons in the hands of the goverment, is an invitation to repeat history. IMO.