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Parks officials urge lawmakers: Keep gun ban

This is a discussion on Parks officials urge lawmakers: Keep gun ban within the The Second Amendment & Gun Legislation Discussion forums, part of the Related Topics category; I'm getting quite proficient at taking out pine trees with my trusty 9. I just can't wait to be able to legally carry in national ...

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Thread: Parks officials urge lawmakers: Keep gun ban

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    I'm getting quite proficient at taking out pine trees with my trusty 9. I just can't wait to be able to legally carry in national parks so I can shoot pine trees there too.

    Seriously, I wouldn't walk anywhere I could be attacked by large furry predators unless I was armed with a big bore centerfire rifle, and a trusted heavily armed companion anymore than I would walk along a dark street in a high crime district without a handgun and a trusted companion who was also armed... Even then, I wouldn't needlessly risk my life if I could possibly avoid it.

    BTW, more visiting urbanites, armed only with cameras, have been killed by bison in national parks than any other beast. No doubt the following words leading up to these fatal attacks were: "Hey, folks, watch this!"
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    "PHOENIX (AP) -- Biologist Karen Krebbs used to study bats in Organ Pipe Cactus National Monument on the Arizona-Mexico border. Then, she got tired of dodging drug smugglers all night."

    "I use night-vision goggles, and you could see them very clearly" -- caravans of men with guns and huge backpacks full of drugs, trudging through the desert, Krebbs said. After her 10th or 11th time hiding in bushes and behind rocks, she abandoned her research. "I'm just not willing to risk my neck anymore," she said."

    Crime rates tick up across national parks

    "Amid the daisies and national monuments, more rangers find themselves battling lawlessness.

    The smell of bacon mixed with wood smoke. The sight of a spectacular waterfall or field of wildflowers. The sound of a bugling elk ... or nothing at all in the backcountry wilderness.
    National parks are meant to be laid-back places where the stress and strain of work and home are left behind for a more mellow experience.

    But increasingly, those rangers in their Smokey Bear hats who give talks on nature and lead campfire singalongs - especially the ones trained in law enforcement - are facing crime and violence.

    A watchdog group last week warned that law enforcement work in national parks is the most dangerous in federal service."

    So much for being safe in our National Park System
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    GBS, if you are ok with no carrying in National Parks because of the wildlife, should we not be able to carry in state parks or any other wilderness area? It's the same thing. Same wildlife, same temptations. I don't understand why National Parks should be singled out.

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