/Firearms have been under increasing attack by advocates who claim that gun control will make society safer. Gun control laws have made gun ownership increasingly difficult for law abiding gun owners, but have done little or nothing to make society safer.

If gun owners would stand together as a single voice in elections, very few gun control laws would ever get passed, but they don’t. Most gun owner’s political actions are limited to a membership in organizations like the NRA or GOA. While these organizations do a good job of representing gun owners, they cannot claim that all 80 million will vote as one. The political affiliations are too diverse, as gun ownership crosses all political and demographic lines, which fractures the political leverage.

Approximately 74% of the population remains unaffected by the increasingly burdensome firearm regulations being passed, and have no vested interest in stopping them. How do gun owners get fellow citizens to help prevent gun ownership from being slowly legislated out of existence?

The United States is a representative republic, with a capitalist economic system. Representation in the economic system could be the way to leverage other people and businesses into helping retain gun ownership rights. “The Almighty Dollar”, is a phrase often heard in the United States. There is a reason. This society runs on money. The lobbying efforts of the NRA and GOA leverage gun owner donations into political clout. Gun owners need to use personal spending the same way.

Firearms are expensive and gun owners are an affluent demographic of consumers. Half of the 80 million gun owners spending just 2,000 dollars this year on a vacation would be 80 billion dollars! 80 billion dollars is half the economic stimulus package just signed by the president. How hard do you think states and communities would fight to get that kind of money? If gun owners hold that kind of financial clout how have they been so marginalized? They have been marginalized because they do not exercise their outrage. They allow the infringement of their rights for the sake of visiting a particular store, amusement, city or state.

Personally, I would like to show my children Concord Massachusetts, where armed citizens fought the first battle for our freedoms. What kind of lesson would that teach them? The same right the Minutemen were fighting for, the right to keep their weapons, is restricted or prohibited in Massachusetts. The monuments and museums of Washington D.C. are an amazing display of our nation’s culture and history, but the possession of handguns is forbidden. In the capital of our free nation, the right to possess firearms for personal protection is forbidden. How ironic is that?

I have had enough. I will continue to lobby my representatives to repeal the current gun laws and prevent new ones; I will not give up my inalienable rights just to visit a particular state, city, entertainment venue, or business; and, I will let the places I avoid know they have lost my business and why.

My holster and my wallet are a package deal.