LEAA joins with other and representatives to support Second Amendment in the Supreme Court 'Heller' Case! See the video clip at:

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As you know by now, the case is the District of Columbia v. Heller and the case is before the United States Supreme Court! Briefs have been filed and Oral Arguments are scheduled for March 18th. A decision could come as fast as sometime this summer! But just today, the Supreme Court issued a ruling on this case that "dashed the hopes of gun rights advocates" {see details below}.

To learn about this Law Enforcement Amicus Brief please watch -- and share with others -- the clip of LEAA's Ted Deeds appearing on NRANews.com to explain law enforcement rallying in support of the Second Amendment and against gun control as "crime control":

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To review this Amicus Brief in full please see:


Along with this brief, 45 other briefs on 'our side' were filed. All totalled, 46 briefs argued in favor of the Supreme Court supporting self-defense and upholding the Second Amendment and the other side had 20 briefs opposing us.

LEAA was not the only law enforcement voice to argue on our side. Counting all the briefs on our side we had 92 different law enforcement voices on our side! -- We believe this is the largest unified law enforcement voice in support of the Second Amendment in our nation's history! Those voices included:

· 11 LEO groups representing 10's of thousands of officers from all across America,
· 31 state's 'Top Cops' {Attorneys General},
· 38 Prosecutors, DA's or CLEO's {Chief Law Enforcement Officers},
· 12 United States Attorney's General, Senior DOJ Officials, AUSA's {Assistant United States Attorneys} (including one from DC) and Federal Judges.

That is a total of 92 LEO voices representing literally, every level from tens of thousands of street cops, to CLEO's, Prosecutors, Judges, State AG's, United States Federal Law Enforcement/Department of Justice leaders.

Now comes the bad news.

Today the Supreme Court issued the following order, "The motion of Texas, et al. for leave to participate in oral argument as amici curiae and for divided argument, and, in the alternative, for enlargement of time for oral argument is denied. The motion of the Solicitor General for enlargement of time for oral argument and for leave to participate in oral argument as amicus curiae and for divided argument is granted."

What this ruling means:

as explained by the a blog at Legal Times, whose excerpts follow: "...the Supreme Court dashed the hopes of gun rights advocates who hoped to have two lawyers and additional time arguing their cause before the Supreme Court ..... the Court denied the motion of Texas Solicitor General R. Ted Cruz for argument time on the side of Alan Gura of Gura & Possessky, who has argued the pro-Second Amendment position from the start of the case.

But the Court did agree to give Solicitor General Paul Clement 15 minutes to argue, in addition to the 30 minutes for each side in the case. The Court's action can be read as a small but not insignificant victory for supporters of D.C.'s handgun control ordinance at issue in the case.

...... While Clement supports an "individual right" view of the Second Amendment, he advocates a standard of review that critics say will allow too many gun regulations to stand. Clement also urged vacating and remanding the lower court ruling of the U.S. Court of Appeals for the D.C. Circuit in the case, the first ever to strike down a gun regulation on Second Amendment grounds. Walter Dellinger of O'Melveny & Myers, who will argue in defense of the D.C. handgun ban.... supported Clement's request for added argument time.

It is very common for the Court to say yes to a request from the solicitor general for argument time as amicus curiae no matter where he stands. ......
So, even though Clement's brief lends support to both sides, the net effect of today's Court action is that the justices will hear 45 minutes of advocacy from those who want the lower court ruling eliminated, and 30 minutes from those who want it upheld."

We need your support!

The battle lines have been drawn. LEAA needs to get the word out that America's law enforcement community is speaking with one overwhelmingly united voice in favor of the Second Amendment! We need your help to continue....

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IF we fail to act, if we fail to make our case before the Supreme Court, if, God forbid, the Court rules against the Second Amendment we may never have another chance in our lifetimes to 'make it right'.

Seldom does it come down to all or nothing but depending on what the Court decides, this could be that time!

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