Even though our friends in Canada don't have the Second Amendment for libs up there to attempt to crush, they still struggle with the same fight we do, Gun Control ad Naseum. Its so restrictive up there, I feel sorry for them. Here's an article with stuff we have all heard, but the author has a way with words:

Quote "So why do liberal-left politicians expend so much energy trying to restrict gun ownership or even ban guns outright?

The principal reason, of course, is that modern liberalism is the victory of symbolism over substance. A public policy or law is seldom designed mostly to solve an identified problem. Its primary purpose is to reflect well on the good intentions of the person or group proposing it.

So what if laws and social programs produce no tangible benefits? They remain on the statute books and retain full funding -- complete with massive bureaucracies -- because they enable liberals to convince themselves something is being done. Activity is confused with achievement.

Well said I thought... heres the articleA Handgun Ban Won't Work