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They don't have to take over licensing, just require all states to honor ANY states valid License. I'd like to see that. And do away with those confusing helpless victim zones.
I have a Class A CDL (Commercial Driver's License) with endorsement PTX (Passengers {taxi & busses}, Tankers, Double/Triple trailers, and HazMat) . It is a Texas State-issued license, but listed and compliant with Federal requirements so it is good for all 50 states. My wife has a regular Class C state-issued license, also good for all 50 states of course, but much more restricted since it is class C.
My point is, if it is done right (?), there is the potential to have a local (state) CHL, and also an interstate (commercial?) CHL, depending on the needs of the individual.
Personally, I think the Second Ammendment is all that is (legally) required, but I also try to make peace (compromise) with the socialists in charge-when I have to that is.

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Chuck Brick.