Sure Fire 2A Stance

Sure Fire 2A Stance

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Thread: Sure Fire 2A Stance

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    Sure Fire 2A Stance

    A good understanding of why the Bill Of Rights was written.

    Sure-fire 2nd Amendment stance

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    Good article, unfortuantely, it's preaching to the choir. Anti's will just say it's not the old west anymore, and pro's will say that it's what we've been saying all along.
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    We just need to interpret it the way we want to satisfy our political agenda at the moment.

    Look at the liberal rationale over the years. They find things that aren't there and don't find things that are to advance an agenda. Why should this be any different? Their goal of a society where everyone is nice and kind and would never do or think evil has been tried and failed many, many times.

    If we aren't vigilant we lose our rights. Liberals are like kids. They seem to have endless energy to wear you down until they get what they want, and then they will ask for more.
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