12 March 2008

If you want to be able to lawfully carry a concealed weapon in 30+
states, contact each Senator from your county NOW and let them know you want H, 3212 to pass without amendments! This bill could be debated in the Senate as early as tomorrow morning at 11:00am, or it might get delayed until next week. Either way, you need to start calling and emailing the senators from your county ASAP!

H. 3212 is the CWP Recognition bill sponsored by Rep. Mike Pitts. In
June 2007, H. 3212 was put on the Contested Calendar when Sen. Ralph Anderson placed a Minority Report on the bill as it passed out of the Senate Judiciary Committee.

On Wednesday, March 6, 2008, GrassRoots leaders met with Sen. Larry Martin, Chairman of the Senate Rules Committee to seek his help in getting H. 3212 onto the Special Order calendar. Sen. Martin promised GrassRoots leaders he would help.

Today, thanks to Sen. Martin's efforts, H. 3212 was put onto the
Special Order calendar. This means H. 3212 could come up for debate as early as tomorrow morning.

Contact every State Senator who represents your county NOW and tell them you want H. 3212 to pass the Senate immediately, without ANY amendments!

If you do not make these calls - and make them NOW - H. 3212 could die or be amended to make it totally worthless.

Action Steps:

1) *** CALL 803-212-6200 and ask to speak with your Senators. *** Tell them to support H.3212 with no amendments. Be sure to tell them "GrassRoots GunRights speaks for me!"

2) *** EMAIL all Senators representing your county.

3) Forward this email to your friends immediately and ask them to do
the same!

Once you have completed the three "Action Steps" above, sit back and congratulate yourself. You have done your part to fight for the gun rights of all South Carolinians! Please accept my personal thanks for your activism, and a job well done!

Bill Rentiers
Exec Dir, GrassRoots Gunrights SC
OK folks - now's the time to put up or shut up... get off your butts and contact your elected congresscritters. We CAN make this happen - but only if EVERYBODY does their part.