NRA-ILA Grassroots Alert Vol. 15, No. 12


NEW YORK: Help Stop Anti-Gun Legislation Today! After Governor David Paterson (D) was sworn in on Monday, in the wake of Eliot Spitzer's (D) rapid downfall and resignation, lawmakers went back to work. They have until the end of the month to pass an on-time budget, and then we anticipate they will again focus on legislative business. Now would be a good time to call your legislators to voice your position to bills currently pending consideration. NRA-opposed bills include A7331, expanding the ban on so-called "assault weapons"; A3451, expanding the ballistic imaging program; A2772, banning .50 caliber firearms; A829, requiring "childproof" firearms; A76, requiring mandatory storage; A6525, creating new requirements and liability for gun dealers; A3447, banning frangible ammunition, and A9543, a measure that would require black powder guns to be licensed as firearms. Please call your State Legislators today at (518) 455-4100, and urge them to oppose the bills listed above. To find your Assembly Member, click here. To find your State Senator, click here.

Pro-Gun, Pro-Hunting Legislation Needs Your Help! NRA-supported bills include S2733 and A10151, which would prohibit information contained within a pistol license application or information about a licensee from being shared with anyone other than a law enforcement agency for the purpose of conducting a criminal investigation, and S1284A, which creates a youth hunting mentor program, allowing individuals ages 14 and older to hunt with a licensed mentor, age 21 or older. Please call your State Legislators today at (518) 455-4100 and urge them to support these NRA-backed measures. We'll be sure to keep you posted as to the status of all of the above-mentioned bills! To find your Assembly Member, click here. To find your State Senator, click here.

Hunting Under Discussion in the Management Plan for Iroquois National Wildlife Refuge: Staff of the Iroquois NWR, a 10,000-acre refuge between Buffalo and Rochester, is launching the first stage in the process of developing a 15-year management plan for the refuge. The first stage is to obtain suggestions and information on the scope of issues to consider. The public is invited to comment until April 30, 2008. It is important for the refuge staff to hear from hunters because the refuge is open to waterfowl, big game, small game, and turkey hunting. We want to ensure that those hunting opportunities are inlcuded and enhanced in the new management plan. Comments can be sent to Include "Iroquois NWR CCP/EA" in the subject line. Information about public meetings to be held can be found at Iroquois National Wildlife Refuge: Home Page. You may also call Thomas Roster, Project Leader, at (585) 948-5445.