GUN RIGHTS RALLY DAY, Jefferson City, Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Everyone is getting ready for the 2008 Gun Rights Rally Day in Jefferson City. Now more than ever our politicians need to see and hear Missouri Gun Owners and understand that we are a major voting bloc capable of turning out large numbers. Nobody knows what the next year or two will have in store for gun rights and gun owners and speculation is running wild with the current political climate.

Politicians need to understand that we as a voting bloc have the power to end careers if they fail to uphold our freedoms. We all remember "one-term" Bob Holden.

All the time I get emails from gun owners and fans of asking how they can help and what they can do to help make a difference. THIS IS IT! Now is your chance to make a difference. So take a day off of work, call in sick, take a day away from school classes, and show up to the 2008 Gun Rights Rally Day. Your attendance sends a message to our elected officials that you care how they vote.

When: 10:00am Tuesday April 29, 2008.
Where: Capitol in Jefferson City, 1st Floor Rotunda.

Notes: No CCW inside the Capitol.

St. Louis Area Transportation

GCLA will again sponsor a bus to the rally. CeeCee Cuba has again agreed to ram rod the bus. This is a nice comfortable way to ride to the capital and enjoy some camaraderie with like-minded folks. This year we will open the bus to members of MissouriCarry.Com.

Due to the increased cost of the bus we are required to raise the bus fare from $15 to $20. This is still less than a tank of gas that it would take to drive your own car...and you don't have to worry about parking! As usual CeeCee will have doughnuts in the morning (you will have to supply your own coffee) for all riders.

Contact CeeCee Cuba at (636)861-9265 to reserve your seat. We would like to have all bus reservations in advance.

Kansas City Area Transportation

WMSA will have a bus going to the rally. Sit back, relax, be dropped off at the door. No parking hassles. For the small fee of $20 per person (children under 12 free) you can ride, AND watch a movie on the way down. Movie TBA. Contact for reservations.

Anyone else wishing to catch a ride may want to post in the forum and ask for car pool info in order to keep the gas costs at a minimum. We really need as many people to show up as possible to make an impact. Please do what needs to be done to show up at the capitol.

For questions or any comments, log on to the Missouri Concealed Carry Gun Permit and Firearms Information Website forum.