Know I have posted this before, but I can not stress how inmortant it is to contACT YOUR REP......

Now I have heard that Naifeh has brokered deals with some Repubs that will allow him to retain his Speaker position. Remember the Naifeh republicans?

We all better call our state rep and tell him Naifeh's time is up. I heard on the radio all the Republican reps pledged to vote for a Republican speaker if we won the majority. Time to hold them to it!

Here is a copy of my letter to Dolores Gresham and her reply.....

Not as strong as I would like.......

Thank you for your good wishes! We will be working very hard to put together a governing team that everyone can be proud of!


From: Frank Robertson []
Sent: Thu 11/6/2008 12:22 PM
To: Dolores Gresham
Subject: Speaker of the House

Congratulations on your victory Tuesday. It was a bright spot on a otherwise dismal Wednesday to find out that Tennessee is leading the way AGAINST bigger government by electing a conservative Republican legislature. I was also pleased to hear Robin Smith comment that Republican members understood the necessity of unity when electing leadership. It is with this in mind I sincerely hope that Representative Naifeh has no chance at arm twisting his way into the Speaker's chair. Please do all you can to help in that effort.

Again congratulations and I look forward to supporting your efforts