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D.A. says she cannot enforce Philadelphia's new gun laws | Philadelphia Inquirer | 04/16/2008

By Joseph A. Slobodzian

Inquirer Staff Writer
Just four days after Mayor Nutter and City Council celebrated enactment of a package of five gun-control laws, reality arrived in the form of District Attorney Lynne M. Abraham.

Speaking yesterday at a City Council meeting, Abraham told members that she believed the new laws were unconstitutional and that she would not enforce them.

"They are, on their face, illegal acts," said Abraham, who predicted that the first arrest under the new laws would result in a lawsuit challenging their constitutionality

Nice, but I wonder if the beat cops will be enforcing the city's law. Who's version of reality will the police obey? City Counsel, their employer? District Attorney?

It should be interesting to hear if the police chief has any more to say on this now that the District Attorney has spoken.

Nothing but confusion and mistakes, and false arrests, can possibly come from what the Phila. City Counsel did.

(My son lives in Center City, so I have an interest in this one.)