Who is the lesser of the evils

Who is the lesser of the evils

This is a discussion on Who is the lesser of the evils within the The Second Amendment & Gun Legislation Discussion forums, part of the Related Topics category; My wife and I are sitting here trying to decide which of the Presidental candidates would be the lesser of the 3 evils Hillary, Obama ...

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Thread: Who is the lesser of the evils

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    Who is the lesser of the evils

    My wife and I are sitting here trying to decide which of the Presidental candidates would be the lesser of the 3 evils Hillary, Obama or John Mccain. We all know where Hillary and Obama stand concerning our 2A rights, if it was up to them we wouldn't have any. Who do you think is the lesser of the evils?

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    All I know is if Mcain want to let me refi my house at an amount that reflects the current market value, he's got my vote (He had it anyway, based largely on 2A)
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    IMHO we face danger from all three due to McCain's willingness to "reach across the aisle" and compromise our rights to get along with the lefty Dems.

    We should start preparing for 2010 Senate & Congress races now.
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    The lesser evil is still evil.
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    Keep to discussion of 2nd ammend. issues , thanks.
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    There is only one choice for me, and it's not ringing with excitement...let's hope that the SCOTUS sets the standard in June...
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    We have a choice, bad, and 2 purely evil that would erase the 2A if given a chance. Are you
    serious? How can anyone even consider either Dem?
    This has to be a joke!!

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    With 300 million plus people this is the best we have----I want to puke!!!!!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Miggy View Post
    We should start preparing for 2010 Senate & Congress races now.
    This is where we can and should make a serious and concerted effort. The President signs the laws that Congress passes. Too bad so many of the sheeple will continue to send the same idiots, the same anti-2A people back to office time and time again.
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    The 2A issue is one thing but, out of the 3, who would you want picking federal judges and a couple Supreme Court justices over the next 4 years? This is were the real impact of the next president will be felt for years to come.

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    We are screwed.
    Universal Background Checks...the next step towards registration and confiscation.

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    This question is really impossible to answer fully due to the rules of the forum. Since it would be limited to the Second Amendment related histories of the candidates, I suppose you'd have to say the "least evil" is the one who supported the least gun control legislation, which would be McCain. Make no mistake, though, he is no friend of gun owners, and his perception of the "gun show loophole" is a very dangerous one to have.


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    Quote Originally Posted by HotGuns View Post
    We are screwed.
    + .45

    - Janq
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    Quote Originally Posted by HotGuns View Post
    We are screwed.

    Here's my thoughts:

    McCain: 4 more years of Bush! With surprisingly similar policies and advisers, I have no reason to believe he's not running for Bush & Co's third term. I disagree with them on many policies (Iraq, big oil, GOP corruption, etc...). Also, McCain seems like he himself doesn't know that much about the issues, but rather has to rely on advisers. That's OK to a degree (given the right advisers), but I'd like to see someone who's very up on current events and foreign relations, and that's not John McCain.
    He's probably the strongest on gun rights, but still leaves a lot to be desired.

    Clinton: Just a male reproductive organ away from being another Washington Good 'Ol Boy. She takes multiple million dollar campaign bribes from big industry (particularly the pharmaceuticals industries) and plays the same brand of politics as the last few. Double-talks and ducks questions a lot, and I can't stand that. I won't even get into Bill.
    She's obviously anti-gun, favoring a ban on concealed carry and semiautomatic weapons in general.

    Obama: Inexperienced but is an infinitely better public speaker and statesman than the other two candidates. Has had a few questionable events in his background, and has flip-flopped on a few issues, but so have the rest of them.
    I like the fact that he fully discloses his campaign donations and hasn't taken huge contributions from big industry, and is running a "cleaner" campaign than Hillary is. But he has a few pretty radical ideas that look good on paper but probably won't (ok, wont) work in practice. Having said that, I'd take him over Clinton.
    However, he's about as bad as Billary on gun control, and his opinion seems to differ depending on which state you live in.

    It's a toss-up: A pretty far-left new-face liberal (which brings its own set of problems) or four more years of the same we've got now, which, in my opinion, hasn't done us many favors.
    The good news is, if Obama or Hillary do make it in, I really doubt our House, Senate, & Supreme Court will pass any strong anti-gun legislation. As long as we do well in the 2010 house/senate race, I don't think a Liberal president would have a very negative impact on gun rights.

    Most on this forum will favor McCain, and there are strong reasons to do so.

    I'd like to vote "no" for president this round and "draw" new candidates.

    In all honesty, I liked Ron Paul a lot

    "Any man who is under 30, and is not a liberal, has no heart; and any man who is over 30, and is not a conservative, has no brains."
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    Heck, I'm under 30 (by a bit...) and I don't like any of 'em much.

    Just my long-winded political rant for the night....

    Pete Zaria.
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