New York City's Reckless Lawsuit Heads to Trial

New York City's Reckless Lawsuit Heads to Trial

This is a discussion on New York City's Reckless Lawsuit Heads to Trial within the The Second Amendment & Gun Legislation Discussion forums, part of the Related Topics category; From of NRA ILA NRA-ILA :: Legislation New York City's Reckless Lawsuit Heads to Trial Friday, May 23, 2008 "I have made many errors and ...

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Thread: New York City's Reckless Lawsuit Heads to Trial

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    Thumbs down New York City's Reckless Lawsuit Heads to Trial

    From of NRA ILA

    NRA-ILA :: Legislation

    New York City's Reckless Lawsuit Heads to Trial

    Friday, May 23, 2008

    "I have made many errors and I'll make many in the future."
    -- U.S. District Judge Jack B. Weinstein

    On Wednesday, activist U.S. District Judge Jack B. Weinstein announced he would allow New York City's lawsuit against Adventure Outdoors, a Georgia gun store, to continue. Adventure Outdoors is one of three remaining defendants in the case, which began in 2006 with "sting operations" by New York City mayor Michael Bloomberg's investigators, which have brought rebukes from both federal and state officials for their potential interference with ongoing investigations.

    The ruling continued a long series of bizarre decisions by the judge, whom plaintiffs' lawyers have long sought out for his willingness to hear their most exotic claims. Judge Weinstein is famous for crafting imaginative legal theories that apply only in his own courtroom, and which he then applies as precedent to allow even stranger suits in the future.

    Jay Wallace, owner of the Smyrna, Ga. store under attack in the case, has vowed to fight to the end to protect his good name. Noting his careful business practices, Wallace told the New York Law Journal, "I personally believe I care more about keeping the firearms out of criminals' hands than the mayor of New York does." Wallace is also countering with a libel suit against Mayor Bloomberg, now on appeal in a Georgia state court.

    The trial is set to begin June 3. We'll keep you posted.
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    I wonder how many of this quack's rulings have been overruled? Does anyone know why this is being tried in Federal court in NY, vs GA?? Bloomberg has judges like these in his pocket....
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    It's sad that we have judges like this. It's sad that we have politicians like Bloomberg. In all truthfulness, we're in a sad state of affairs.
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    Rent-a-Schmuck. Truly, anything's possible in New York.
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    Let's see: We have a judge who is supposed to respect the law supporting a person who admits proudly to having engaged in a conspiracy to obtain firearms in violation of federal law who then is suing his victim??

    Sounds like an episode of The Simpsons.
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    I have bought a couple of firearms from Adventure Outdoors. Good selection, good prices. They were VERY picky about following the law to the letter. I can't believe anyone could accuse them of doing anything illegal.

    Bloomburg is on a witch hunt to further his political career.

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    I hope that they win the libel suit in against Bloomberg. While they are at it they should name the city of NY as codefendant because Bloomberg's actions were executed functioning as the mayor of NYC.

    I remember this big hullaballu between Virginia and mayor Giuliani over garbage about a decade ago. IIRC, Giuliani said that VA should feel so lucky that they get NYC's garbage because NYC is such a source of culture and such. needless to say, Virginians were pissed and told G to stick it. why does NYC and its mayors think that their merde' doesn't stink and tries to impose their "wacky values" on the rest of the country.
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    actually the BATFE needs to step in on this case, if there was ANY wrongdoing by either party to this case, it is their area of law to enforce, and as the "facts" will come out during the process...

    clearly the Federal government has an interest in this!

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