Earlier I posted a Tampa Tribune Online Letter to the Editor from Arthur C. Hayhoe who is the Director of the Florida Coalition to Stop Gun Violence.

Today I am posting a Letter to the Editor in the Tampa Tribune Newspaper from Mr, Hayhoe.

This is an obvious, blatant, sophomoric, attempt by the Liberal Democrats to split the votes of gunowners to assure that either Clinton or Obama win the White House.

I know McCain is not perfect, I know that we will have to oppose him at times through our Senators and Congressmen to assure our rights as guaranteed by the Second Amendment, but he is obviously the better alternative to Clinton or Obama.

Those Liberals want us to either SPLIT our vote, or simply NOT show up. Either way THEY win and we as gunowners LOSE.

As gun owners and believers in the Second Amendment, we MUST be prepared to vote against the liberal Democrat Nominee, whoever they be, to keep them out of the White House.

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" John McCain's attempt to garner votes by speaking before the National Rifle Association's annual convention and mouthing the usual NRA myth's about the many rights of gun ownership will surely leave these true believers conflicted as McCain has supported more than one initiative to control illegal firearms in the United States.

Just recently Mayors Against Illegal Guns, a coalition of the many mayors saddled with high rates of gun violence, launched a TV ad campaign showing videos of McCain, Clinton and Obama, each saying they support closing the gun show loophole, designed to draw attention to the bipartisan common ground that exists between all three presidential candidates.

The true believers at the NRA convention will have no part of any candidate who would in any way restrict their right to any gun, anywhere, at any time, without any legislative constraints and until McCain delivers on that promise, he is not going to get a single NRA vote. "

Arthur C.Hayhoe
Florida Coalition to Stop Gun Violence
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We CANNOT allow this to succeed!!