Carry in a correctional facility

Carry in a correctional facility

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Thread: Carry in a correctional facility

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    Carry in a correctional facility

    I am mostly concerned with Arizona law but welcome input from other state's laws.

    I thought I was familiar with the prohibitions of concealed carry in Arizona. I checked the and DPS web sites and correctional facilities were listed as prohibited. Even more suprising, the handgunlaw site listed the parking lot of a correctional facility as prohibited. I do know there are metal detectors if you go inside.

    Can anyone point me to the statute that prohibits carry in a correctional facility (and parking lot?) I can't seem to find it in 13-31XX but the prohibition of carry in an an alcohol establishment is in another section so this might be also.

    Or is there a Federal prohibition?

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    It's usually a state law. Why would you want a prisoner to have possible access to a gun?
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    One would think that the facility would have... well, facilities... to secure the firearms of visiting local, state, and federal law enforcement officers. Perhaps if you contact the facility in question you can get clarification if they extend this courtesy to permit holders.

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    Its pretty simple , dont carry where folk that the state says should be confined can get access . I dont know your experience , however i have been in and out of a lot of prisons doing interviews . In no case as an active LE was i allowed to take personal weapons into a prison . Heck most kept my car keys because they were on a kubiton .

    Tried to edit a post , however it did not work well , In the state of Colorado , dont take your firearm onto any prison grounds , be it private , public , or federal . That is one place that seems to superceed the right to carry , and the DA will win if challanged .
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    Yep.. it's the law here too. However, if working in the system and it requires you to carry a gun... then you can lock it in a locker or vehicle.. they are exempt except for taking it inside the prison.

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    I am a corrections officer for the state of NC. Here, we are allowed to store a weapon in our personal vehicles as long as they are in a locked case, positively attached to the vehicle and the warden must have given us permission. Luckily, the warden simply needs a list of people who may have a weapon in their car and the list gets updated monthly. We are not allowed to carry personal weapons in uniform, gun must be locked up PRIOR to entering state property, we can't pull into the parking lot, then lock the gun up. Inside the facility, no weapons whatsoever. We carry a baton, cuffs and spray only inside the walls. Police officers entering the prison leave their weapons and tazers at the gatehouse, no personal weapons whatsoever on prison property for civilians. We also refuse to store personal weapons at the gatehouse, we ask ccw holders, and armed civilians to leave prison property immediately.
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