Please Contact Your State Senator Today!

In the closing days of the legislative session, negotiations are taking place between Democratic Governor David Patterson's Administration and legislative leaders on numerous proposals, including the Governor's gun control package.

This package targets law-abiding gun owners and licensed gun dealers. The NRA strongly opposes this measure. Two areas that we specifically oppose are those that would implement more requirements for pistol license applicants without making licenses more accessible to those who qualify. The plan would also require licenses for employees of gun stores and grant the State Police broad authority to impose regulations on licensed dealers and gunsmiths.

To view a copy of the press release on Governor Paterson's website, please click here.

It is imperative that NRA members contact their State Senators TODAY and respectfully urge them to oppose this measure! Please contact your State Senator today through the Senate switchboard at (518) 455-2800. To find your State Senator, please click here.

I'm a current resident of NYC if such a lawsuit was possible would all the NYC & NY State firearms owners be willing to support it or sign a petition for reform because I would be the first in line.