More Proof for the "Gun Snatchers"

More Proof for the "Gun Snatchers"

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Thread: More Proof for the "Gun Snatchers"

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    More Proof for the "Gun Snatchers"

    YouTube - Self Defense and the Right to Keep and Bear Arms

    I kind of wished the piece of crap would have got in only to run into multiple hollow points.
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    WOW. That gave me chills. That could have been my wife at home watching our security camera as someone tries to break in. She would also have gun in hand. I love that home owner.
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    BAD A** .

    Some body send that lady Some Hornady TAP, and some Magpul PMAGS.

    I have one problem with this video did anybody else notice she has no sights on that EBR. I mean I know door to door it doesn't matter however, if she needs to go for an electrical shut down, thats hard with only a PIC rail.

    Somebody at least send her flip ups.
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    I would recommend an eotech for rapid acquisition and shot placement ,actually i would steer her to a 12 gauge with reduced recoil 00 buck better chance of stopping the threat quick
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    Nice. That must have been scarry for her. Good thing she was ready to protect herself. Those guys looked like they meant business. Glad she was ok. I wish my girl would take self defense more seriously.
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    This 'scum' must be skimmed off the top of society and quickly 'flushed'...

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