Who is Heller?

Who is Heller?

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Thread: Who is Heller?

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    Who is Heller?

    How did his case end up in the Supreme Court? Was hew sponsored by the NRA? Why have we/or I? Not seen him on TV or heard him on the radio? No interviews? What is his background? This was probably one of the most important decisions sense 1973 and I want to say thanks to this man and buy him a drink when in town.
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    The Heller case was conceived, financed, and executed by Robert Levey, a fairly interesting person. No help from NRA or SAF. These links have some data about Heller, but Levey is The Man.

    Naples man behind major Supreme Court decision plays as hard as he works : Courts : Naples Daily News

    CBS News Video - Top Stories and Video News Clips at CBSNews.com

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    Heller is the " survivor " of the original 6 iirc parker plaintiffs. he was the sole party found to have " standing " when the case went to SCOUS . On a personal note he is a 60 year old " Special Policeman " who is armed on the job and brought / joined suit because he was forbidden to be armed at home .
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    Heller himself is a D.C. special policeman who attempted to register his service weapon for private use at home. He was denied and then joined in a suit with several other defendants organized by Mr. Levey to have the gun ban overturned.

    There were actually six (I think) defendants in the original suit, headed by a woman named Parker. The District Court dismissed Parker et al vs. D.C.. They appealed to the D.C. Circuit Court, which found in favor of Parker, & al. D.C. then appealed that decision to the Supreme Court. Of all the complainants, only Heller was found to have standing for the appeal, and since D.C. was now the complainant (rather than the respondant), the SCOTUS version of the case became D.C. vs. Heller.

    Here's a couple of articles to sum it all up nicely:
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    Heller was chosen because he tried to register his handgun w/the DC police and was denied. Hence he had, "standing."
    Also, I believe he was chosen because he was licensed to carry on the job for DC. It would have been a little harder with John Q Public, who they may have tried to say wasn't qualified with a handgun or doesn't go through proper screening.
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