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A firearm examiner dispels the myths of these common gun-ban schemes being pushed in states throughout the nation.

by C. Rodney James, Ph.D.

As an independent firearm examiner, the fact that I am paid by prosecution, defense or an individual makes no difference. I work for science. My job is to find out what happened. As one who works with law enforcement, I want the bad guys punished. I also want to see the innocent freed and the law-abiding citizen unmolested by government. As a taxpayer, I want my taxes spent wisely.
Alas, there is always someone who will take a great idea and corrupt it. Such is the case with the idea to enter every new handgun into this database.

What’s wrong with the notion of adding non-crime guns to the mix? The short answer is: just about everything. This plan was actually implemented in New York and Maryland. And after more than five years in operation, neither system has been responsible for a single conviction.

As a firearm examiner, I know about 50 methods that smart—and even not-so-smart—criminals could use to bypass or defeat such a new-gun “fingerprinting” database.
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