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That's exactly right. I hope everyone here takes note of that.

  1. Only five people supported the new bill; that's right, not even Feinstein, Pelosi, and their ilk would touch it.
  2. HR6257 was a carbon-copy of the '94 crime law. Every single attempt at reinstating a newer, stronger "ban" failed from the moment the previous law's 2004 sunset, so they tried bringing back the original and still failed to get support.
  3. Two of the five co-sponsors to the 2008 law no longer serve in Congress.

I wasn't being 'youthfully optimistic' when I said the sky is not falling. Congress is scared to death of gun control, and the utter lack of support, and even mention of support, from Congress during an election year should go a long way to helping people realize that.

I hope you are right. I really do but I am not as optimistic as you. But I continue to hope.