My State of Kentucky in Last Place!!!

This is a discussion on My State of Kentucky in Last Place!!! within the The Second Amendment & Gun Legislation Discussion forums, part of the Related Topics category; I was reading on here about some carry laws and remembered awhile back when some website graded each state according to their gun control laws. ...

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Thread: My State of Kentucky in Last Place!!!

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    My State of Kentucky in Last Place!!!

    I was reading on here about some carry laws and remembered awhile back when some website graded each state according to their gun control laws. After a little digging I found it was the "Brady" families doing and found that my beloved state of KY is tied with OK for having the worst (in my opinion, the BEST) gun control laws in the nation! This is one area where I'm proud my state flunked gloriously! Here's the sites address: Find out how your state ranks!
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    My native commonwealth of Kentucky always makes me proud.
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    Looks like Arizona didn't come out to bad either.
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    Almost brought a tear to my eye. Gotta love the Bluegrass!

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    Well, my native Gunshine State is tied for 32nd. We have 8 points.
    Only 6 away from OK and KY.

    What can we do about that?
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    Shocking Mass. is tied with Ct. for #3 who would have known?
    How did Illinois get #9 ???
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    Damascus, Arkansas
    This is one list that I'm proud to see Arkansas at the bottom of .
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    Quote Originally Posted by JAT40 View Post
    ..........How did Illinois get #9 ???
    Same question I had. I just figured Illinois had to be the most restrictive state, especially for handguns. Hard to imagine California with 79 points and Illinois with only 28.

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    I still don't understand how Texas is only 29th...But then again, the Brady's were never known for accurate studies.
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    Maine tied for 21 ?I thought we'd do better than that but but the southern part of the state is just like Mass while the northern part of the state is the way
    Maine is meant to be tends to be more conservative and Republican while southern part of state is liberal and Democrat.We do agree about firearms
    rights and the right to carry.

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    The sun shines bright on my Old Kentucky Home....Brady makes me proud.

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    on the way to PRK
    32, 44 and tied for 49... (FL, ND, and KY)

    Not bad for the states I would live in...

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    As a native of Indian Territory, I would be remiss if I allowed you to steal all the glory for the Bluegrass State. I know you meant to say you were tied w/OK for last place...

    Having lived in Alaska, I found their gun laws more agreeable than Oklahoma's (i.e. no licence for CCW and open carry is permitted). YMMV

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    Quote Originally Posted by cvhoss View Post
    Same question I had. I just figured Illinois had to be the most restrictive state, especially for handguns. Hard to imagine California with 79 points and Illinois with only 28.

    Outside of Cook County, Illinois isn't so bad for firearms owners. We have no OC or CC but regular ownership isn't so bad.

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    I think their "ratings" are based on more commercial sale of guns, assault weapons, restrictions on ammo, laws requiring notification of police if a gun is stolen,exc. more than shall/may/no issue.
    I think that's why some of the ratings might appear off a little.
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