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Will our 2nd Amendment rights survive....

This is a discussion on Will our 2nd Amendment rights survive.... within the The Second Amendment & Gun Legislation Discussion forums, part of the Related Topics category; Originally Posted by Divebum47 I think they will. But it's going to take a lot of watching and activism. The primary reason we are in ...

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Thread: Will our 2nd Amendment rights survive....

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    Quote Originally Posted by Divebum47 View Post
    I think they will. But it's going to take a lot of watching and activism. The primary reason we are in the fix we are in is not because of lousy politicians. It's because of an ignorant and apathetic electorate. (Notice I didn't use the term "voters"). The lousy politicians are a secondary cause.

    In my district in Ohio, I am very fortunate to have a pro A2 Representative. Matter of fact, both of his kids are in the 4-H program, and one of them will be joining me in some shooting sports instructor training in the Spring. But I still contact him and let him know my thoughts.

    It's really going to take a lot of surveillance on our collective parts, and for us not to sit back and let "someone" else do it. Someone else is gone.
    Very well said.

    I pray you are correct, but I fear you may be wrong. When they come to take our guns we will cry, gnash our teeth and wail like little old ladies, but we will hand them over.

    America died a long time ago. What we are seeing and hearing now is it's final eulogy.



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    We ARE the government

    Quote Originally Posted by Sticks View Post
    Tell me again how "We" are the government and "We" are in control.
    People talk as if we are all helpless and innocent victims of "the government" and that WE have no role.

    Look, I really am an ordinary guy. I'm not wealthy. I'm not connected. But, by little more than accident I happen to personally know people who have served the highest cabinet level positions. One, I considered a friend whom I ate breakfast with and did some work with. Though not elected officials, and appointed to high office, they are ordinary people. I knew another ordinary person who served as head of two very large regulatory agencies. They got there by doing ordinary things. Going to school, studying, working hard, having some luck of being in the right place at the right time.

    Locally, our judges, DA, City Reps, walk door to door seeking votes. My friends have run, unsuccessfully, for local elected positions. The guy who built my home served on the school board; my doctor's wife has served the city for a bazillion years as a council member and I think one time Mayor.

    No one forced anyone to vote for Mr. O. He certainly comes from the most ordinary, and yet unusual as well, situations in life--son of a divorced woman who made a mess of her life. He didn't get where he is by parental connections; nor did several of our former presidents. They started on the bottom rung of the societal ladder and political ladder and were voted up--on perceived and real merit.

    My present Congressman is an ordinary guy too. He is so quiet and humble his own neighbors didn't know who it was that lived next door. No one forced anyone to vote for him. His opponents ran very expensive campaigns against him and lost--big. Somehow he garnered those votes.

    We ARE still the government, and if anyone actually wants to make a difference, all it really takes is intelligent effort.

    What people tend to forget is that we are a large complex country with many many competing interests which must be balanced. That means few get exactly what they want because compromises must be made. Looking at one or two issues and complaining that "government stinks" because those issues don't go our way is a very narrow viewpoint.

    Most of us have NO contact or business whatsoever with our supposedly overbearing government beyond paying taxes. We can argue forever whether that function could be done differently, should be done differently, and what the right spending level or programs are, but in the end some sort of agreement is reached and we move forward.

    And now that things are presently rather tough economically, we need to keep in mind that it was us who made this mess. We bought homes we could afford and mortgage instruments we didn't understand. We sat at the table of a private mortgage originator and watched quietly as the agent monkeyed with the application so it would fly. We laid off workers we could have kept; we shipped jobs overseas we should have kept; we bought gas guzzlers without thought to consequences; we let in migrants and hired migrants who had no business being here; we hired foreign workers on temporary visas and lied to ICE and Labor, that no one here was qualified for the job. We made it difficult to get the border fence built. We took in 12 million people and complain that now 5 million go without jobs.

    We need to do a lot of looking in the mirror.

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    Most of us know how the government is supposed to work.

    Some of us see how it is really working and there is heck of a lot of difference.

    For instance, a "stimulus plan" that is well over 1000 pages long, handed to those that would read on it around midnight, to be voted on the next day.

    Think about it. A stack of paper over 3 inches high. If you sat right down and began to read it, could you read it in eight hours? Ten ? Twelve?

    Imagine the outrage that a college proffesor would have gotten had he/she used the same tactics on a class and told them he was giving them a test on it the next day. Because that is what a vote is...a test.

    Many people that actually did vote on it later admitted that they did not read it, that they voted "yea" because their party chairman told them too.

    Yet many Republicans voted "nay" because they didn't have the time to read it.

    So, we have the largest redistribution of wealth,(because that's what it is) ever presented in the history of the world presented to Congress by a President that is socialist and no one read it?

    Every day, small snippets are being presented to the public and many people express concern,surprise and some horror at the contents of the bill.

    That is NOT how it is supposed to work.

    As for the guns...
    Some here will undoubtedly insist that it can not,will not, happen here and that even the suggestion that it could is nothing more than fear mongering paranoia. Those people make a concious effort to ignore history.

    Those people are precisely the reason that it can, and eventually will.

    They say It cant happen here...

    Some in England said...it cant happen here
    Some in Australia said...it cant happen here
    Some in Canada said...it cant happen here

    and when it does, happen here or there, the same people will shake their heads and admit to shock and disbelief.

    All the while the socialists will smile, knowing that the people that said it cant happen here, were included in the group of "useful idiots" that helped them achieve another one of their goals, which is the systematic destruction of the United States, one step at a time, without firing a shot.

    It's a big plan, but it seems to be working perfectly.
    Universal Background Checks...the next step towards registration and confiscation.

    AR. CHL Instr. 07/02 FFL
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