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Thread: Here's why we have to fight for 2A-The British Called... (Merged)

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    Did England have anything like a constitution that gave them a freedom of arms?

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    Quote Originally Posted by WVConcealed View Post
    Did England have anything like a constitution that gave them a freedom of arms?
    The Brits don't have a constitution. They are subjects to the Queen.

    No matter how hard the politicians try to socialize America, they were come up against great resistance.

    If they try to enforce gun control, they will be met with great resistance.

    I believe that if our economy continues to falter, crime will increase to the point of anarchy. I can see our politicians make a grab for our guns under the guise of "safety and security".

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    And how many here voted for Obama??
    "Politicians and Bureaucrats, depend very much on the complicity of their victims, and like criminals, are flummoxed when we don't play the victim role."

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    Quote Originally Posted by Tint Bob View Post
    You might be right there... However our museums do keep all firearms on display in full working order (yes we are talking full auto too)
    Having visited a number of museums in the US, I noticed that a number of firearms had a large chunk cut out of the barrel to stop them ever working again.
    Is this normal practice??
    Good question. Since I don't have to go to a museum to see a firearm, I haven't really noticed. I can assure you that the six in my gunlocker are all fully functional, although sadly, none are full auto.
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    Quote Originally Posted by WVConcealed View Post
    Did England have anything like a constitution that gave them a freedom of arms?

    Well yes and more than likely NO!!
    We have the 1689 bill of rights
    There is a bit below that says we do have the right to bear arms, but I'm sure its been repelled.
    I heard of a test case (that our home office is ignoring) where a citizen has applied to a Gun Dealer to supply him a pistol and ammo for his personal defence.
    The dealer is question contacted his local Police Force, who then contacted the Home secretary, Jackie Smith has as much idea about how to run a country as your new Pres
    So we await to see if it will make the courts, methinks the wonderful labour government (thats democrats to you son) will "loose" it somewhere..... Anyway.... You have all this fun to come

    Tint Bob (UK)

    The Bill of Rights laid out certain basic tenets for, at the time, all Englishmen. These rights continue to apply today, not only in England, but in each of the jurisdictions of the Commonwealth realms as well.[citation needed] The people, embodied in the parliament, are granted immutable civil and political rights through the act, including:

    Freedom from royal interference with the law. Though the sovereign remains the fount of justice, he or she cannot unilaterally establish new courts or act as a judge.
    Freedom from taxation by Royal Prerogative. The agreement of parliament became necessary for the implementation of any new taxes.
    Freedom to petition the monarch.
    Freedom from the standing army during a time of peace. The agreement of parliament became necessary before the army could be moved against the populace when not at war.
    Freedom for Protestants to bear arms for their own defence, as suitable to their class and as allowed by law.
    Freedom to elect members of parliament without interference from the sovereign.
    Freedom of speech in parliament. This means that the proceedings of parliament can not be questioned in a court of law or any other body outside of parliament itself; this forms the basis of modern parliamentary privilege.
    Freedom from cruel and unusual punishment, as well as excessive bail.
    Freedom from fine and forfeiture without a trial.
    Certain acts of James II were also specifically named and declared illegal by the Bill of Rights, while James' flight from England in the wake of the Glorious Revolution was also declared to be an abdication of the throne.

    Also, in a prelude to the Act of Settlement to come twelve years later, the Bill of Rights barred Roman Catholics from the throne of England as "it hath been found by experience that it is inconsistent with the safety and welfare of this Protestant kingdom to be governed by a papist prince"; thus William III and Mary II were named as the successors of James VII and II and that the throne would pass from them first to Mary's heirs, then to her sister, Princess Anne of Denmark and her heirs and, further, to any heirs of William by a later marriage. The monarch was further required to swear a coronation oath to maintain the Protestant religion.

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