Whats 1st on Obama's list?

Whats 1st on Obama's list?

This is a discussion on Whats 1st on Obama's list? within the The Second Amendment & Gun Legislation Discussion forums, part of the Related Topics category; When Pres. Obama gets around to our second amendment rights/laws what does everyone think will be his first priority? Assault weapon ban, no concealed weapons, ...

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Thread: Whats 1st on Obama's list?

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    Whats 1st on Obama's list?

    When Pres. Obama gets around to our second amendment rights/laws what does everyone think will be his first priority? Assault weapon ban, no concealed weapons, no open carry, banning handgun ownership, you get the point. I have heard so many different stories I don't know what to expect. Anyone else have any ideas/opinions or facts.

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    Second Amendment rights/laws should be the last thing on his mind considering everything else that's going on.
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    AWB then import ban. i hope he doesnt mess with ccw.

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    If I had my way a new stimulus plan, so I can get another gun.
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    Buy a dog. I'm tired of people talking about it.

    Have you seen how much preasure he is under. Bigger fish to fry his first 100 days, maybe first 4 years. On several issues, esp considering how many people have become new gun owners, it is clear, he knows it is not the important issue. For now, he will address 2A issues via the judges he appoints.

    To many economy and military issues to address.
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    He has a lot on his plate, he will be badgered by all of the special interest groups, one thing no one can deny, he is a very intelligent man.

    All of the people who voted for him are not anti gun, all of the members of congress are not either. He knows that.

    It is the people who he has hired on that is the problem, in my mind.

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    This is NOT a political forum; and therefore, I’ll keep my response centered around our forum of government, and how it protects our rights.

    We have to remember, the President appoints the highest law enforcement officer in our land; and the Attorney General position is to enforce laws, that are passed by the house.

    The President can send proposals of law change to Congress, but it is Congress and the Senate that must pass it for it to become law.

    Then our third arm so our Government, the Supreme Court is there to make sure that new sweeping laws, do not violate our constitution, as in the case of your question the Second Amendment…

    Long story short:

    IF such proposals, and that is a “BIG IF” as in Senate 45 where presented we will have time, to call, write and email our Senators, and Congressmen to make sure they know our point of view. And considering over 33 states now have CCL exchange rights, I would think those states Senators and Congressmen would know it was political suicide to pass such a sweeping change.

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    as for gun control, it starting the ball rolling behind our backs and under the radar. policies are being formed in dark back rooms and being implemented behind the scenes as we type this thread. by the time things are made public they will have moved the ball 70+ yards on us already.

    next to the economy removing our guns is his #1 priority.

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    He already has stimulated the economy due to every one buying guns and the excessive ammo sales . I think he will reinstate the assault weapons ban. what ever it is they will try to sneak it in.

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    I am going to give the new president the benefit of the doubt, across the board, something the liberals did not extend to George Bush. However, should I feel my rights being impuned in anyway I will protest loudly.

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    I don t think it is a first term issue for him. I think he will try in his second term.
    Yes I think he will win again
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    I'm looking for another AWB, but not in the immediate future. It will come at the end of the first term if he is unsuccessful in general, but in the second term if he is.

    The wild card in this is the all the other demonrats in congress. They will have two years of unchecked free reign. Who knows whats those nuts will do.
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    Quote Originally Posted by thinktwice View Post
    When Pres. Obama gets around to our second amendment rights/laws what does everyone think will be his first priority?
    Assault weapon ban,
    If Congress passes one, he will sign it. Given the architect of the last one is the VP, I see another AWB without a sunset clause as very likely.

    no concealed weapons,
    States issue. He can only change policy in say National Parks. Even that has a review process.

    no open carry,
    Another States issue. Again he could only change it through policy and only in federal areas.

    banning handgun ownership,
    Again Congress would have to pass this. If they do he will sign it. However, the legal battles will be huge. They need something catastrophic involving a mass shooting of little children to even get close.

    The next 4-8 years will be filled with a lot of fear mongering and rhetoric about our gun rights. There will certainly be attempts to roll back what little the Bush Administration did for gun rights in their eight years. There are certainly things that the President can do, such as appointing Eric Holder as the AG. In my opinion that is one of the scarier things he has done thus far.

    The anti-rights crowd in Congress is the real and more immediate problem. They now have a rubber stamp in the White House, so they will be like kids in a candy store. The pro-rights people need to be looking to the mid-term elections to win some seats, or it will be a long road.

    The President wants your guns to be sure, and his staff will work whatever deals are needed to get the bills they want in Congress. That is where we have to stop them.
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    First high capacity magazines, then an AWB/import ban, and finally raised taxes on ammo.

    You don't even come close to touching the 2d with these moves and can do the first two by Executive Order.

    And don't be misled, he has plenty of energetic people to get after these so he can get them done under the cover of the first 100 days while he still has everybody fawning over him.
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    Quote Originally Posted by kingdaddyoh View Post
    I am going to give the new president the benefit of the doubt, across the board, something the liberals did not extend to George Bush. However, should I feel my rights being impuned in anyway I will protest loudly.
    Good for you, I am trying to do the same. I don't think he has time to think about guns right now, too bus. Of course I also think he is too busy to mess around with Gitmo, so it goes to show you even though he is already slammed with things to do he has time to slip in other topics.
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