The state - of the states

The state - of the states

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Thread: The state - of the states

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    The state - of the states

    Well some - re 2A stuff from NRA. This may have been received and seen by some but for those who have not - keep you up to date.

    (****For all of the action items below, you can find contact information
    for your legislators by using the "Write Your Representatives" tool at As always, thank you for your support.****)

    This Tuesday, January 31, the Alabama House of Representatives will be
    voting on House Bill 1 (Hall-D), the "Castle Doctrine." HB 1 simply
    says that if a criminal breaks into your home, your occupied vehicle, or
    your place of business, you may presume he is there to do bodily harm
    and you may use any force against him, thereby removing your "duty to
    retreat." Furthermore, this law would provide protection from criminal
    prosecution and civil litigation for those who defend themselves from
    criminal attack. Your Representative needs to hear from you before the
    vote is taken. Please contact your legislator on Monday or Tuesday and
    tell him or her that you strongly support HB 1, the "Castle Doctrine."
    You can find contact information for your Representative by calling the
    Alabama House of Representatives switchboard at (334) 242-7600. Please
    be sure to make this important phone call and let your voice be heard!

    On Tuesday, January 31, the Senate Judiciary Committee will hold a
    hearing on SB 396 (Goggans, R-7), the "Castle Doctrine." SB 396 simply
    says that if a criminal breaks into your home, your occupied vehicle, or
    your place of business, you may presume he is there to do bodily harm
    and you may use any force against him, thereby removing your "duty to
    retreat." Furthermore, this law would provide protection from criminal
    prosecution and civil litigation for those who defend themselves from
    criminal attack. Your Senator needs to hear from you as this important
    piece of legislation is being considered. Please contact your
    legislator and tell him or her that you strongly support SB 396, the
    "Castle Doctrine." You can find contact information for your Senator by
    calling the Georgia Senate switchboard at (404) 656-5040. Please be
    sure to make this important phone call and let your voice be heard!

    A coalition of law enforcement groups has proposed the language written
    in SB 2579--a ban on the sale and possession of .50 caliber rifles and
    ammunition. As you know, these rifles are used for sporting purposes,
    but have been demonized in the press and by anti-gun groups looking for
    the next gun control scheme. SB 2579 is an outright ban that, if
    signed, will take effect immediately. Owners of the affected firearms
    would have to remove the firearm from the state, surrender it to law
    enforcement, or have it destroyed. It is vital that NRA members and
    friends in the pro-gun community call their state legislators at (808)
    587-0666 and ask them to oppose this proposed gun ban BEFORE it gets a

    House Bill 2414, which seeks to ban certain semi-automatic rifles and
    shotguns, as well as .50 caliber rifles commonly used for hunting, is
    still awaiting a vote on the House floor. This vote could take place at
    any time. After failing to be brought up for a vote last year, HB 2414
    is still going through several revisions in an effort to attract
    lawmakers who have mixed voting records on our Right to Keep and Bear
    Arms. Technical modifications have been made to give the appearance of
    "watering down" the bill, but the primary legislative goal of banning
    the future manufacture and transfer of current firearms remains
    unchanged. Please contact your State Representative immediately and ask
    him or her to oppose this latest version of HB 2414! HB 2414 will be
    voted on soon, so contact your Illinois lawmakers at (217) 782-8223.

    On Wednesday, January 25, the House Public Safety and Homeland Security
    Committee passed HB 1028, sponsored by Representative Eric Koch (R-65),
    by an overwhelming vote of 7-1. HB 1028 will protect your right to have
    a lawfully possessed firearm in a locked motor vehicle, as well as to
    codify that Indiana residents do not have a "duty to retreat" from an
    attacker. This important self-defense legislation will be heard soon on
    the House floor. It is critical that you contact your State
    Representative at (800) 382-9842 and urge him or her to support HB 1028!
    Also, we would like to thank Representative Koch for his leadership on
    this bill, as well as those committee members who voted in favor of HB
    1028: Chairman, Representative Bill Ruppel (R-22), Vice Chair,
    Representative Billy Bright (R-69), and Representatives Dick Dodge
    (R-51), Suzanne Crouch (R-78), Cleo Duncan (R-67), Vern Tincher (D-46),
    and Bob Bischoff (D-68).

    Help make Right-To-Carry a reality in Kansas! Senate Bill 418, "The
    Personal and Family Protection Act" will be heard before the Senate
    Federal & State Affairs Committee on Thursday, February 2. If your
    Senator is included in the following list they are a member of this
    committee and need to hear from you. Please contact him or her at (785)
    296-2456 and urge them to approve passage of this important legislation
    without amendments. District 24-Senator Pete Brungardt (R), Chairman
    (785 ) 296-7390; District 22-Senator Roger Reitz (R), Vice-Chair (785)
    296-7360; District 5-Senator Mark Gilstrap (D), Ranking Minority (785)
    296-7357; District 9-Senator Kay O'Connor (R), (785) 296-7382; District
    11-Senator John Vratil (R), (785) 296-7361; District 19-Senator Anthony
    Hensley (D), (785) 296-3245; District 23-Senator Karin Brownlee (R),
    (785) 296-7358; District 37-Senator Dennis Wilson (R), (785) 296-7383;
    District 40-Senator Ralph Ostmeyer (R), (785) 296-7399.

    This week, the Mississippi House Judiciary B Committee approved HB 1141,
    an NRA-backed measure sponsored by Representative Warner McBride (D-10),
    which would allow the owner of a property that has been annexed by a
    county or municipality to continue hunting on certain-sized tracts of
    land even if the city has a ban on the discharge of firearms. HB 1141
    also contains a provision which would prohibit New Orleans-style gun
    confiscations from law-abiding citizens during a future state of
    emergency or natural disaster. Also this week, the House Wildlife,
    Fisheries & Parks Committee approved HB 978, the NRA-backed No-Net-Loss
    bill, also sponsored by Representative McBride, which requires the
    opening of compensatory huntable state-owned land if an area is closed
    to hunting. These bills could be voted on by the full House within the
    next week. Please call and e-mail your State Representative and urge
    him or her to support HB 978 and HB 1141. Please go to and click on "State Legislature" to find contact
    information for your House member.

    Several new bills were introduced in Albany this week, including S 6513,
    which would expand rifle hunting into Chautauqua county, A 9682, which
    would hold gun manufacturers liable for injuries or deaths of state
    employees, and A 9640 (same as S 2122), which would potentially outlaw
    all handguns not equipped with so-called "smart" gun technology. Please
    contact your lawmakers and urge them to SUPPORT S 6513 and OPPOSE A 9682
    and A 9640/S 2122. Also, when contacting your senators, be sure to
    remind them to oppose Speaker Silver's anti-gun package, which moved to
    the Senate a few weeks ago. Senators can be reached at (518) 455-2800
    and Assemblymembers are available at (518) 455-4100. A listing and
    descriptions of those bills can be found on our website at

    The House Criminal Justice Committee will be holding a hearing for
    OPPONENT testimony on House Bill 347 introduced by Representative Jim
    Aslanides (R-94). This legislative proposal addresses several problems
    associated with the enactment of House Bill 12, "Right-to-Carry"
    legislation, which became law in 2004. This proposal would streamline
    an already successful law, bringing clarity for Ohioans and law
    enforcement alike. This important piece of legislation would do the
    following: (1) create a clear definition of "plain sight" in a motor
    vehicle; (2) allow for off-duty law enforcement officers to carry a
    concealed firearm 24 hours a day, 7 days a week (a.k.a 24/7 provision);
    (3) create statewide preemption for the regulation of firearms and
    ammunition, therefore avoiding the patchwork of laws currently on the
    books in Ohio; and (4) further prohibit journalists from abusing the
    open records law. The Hearing is scheduled for January 31, at 2:30 P.M.
    in Room 121. This bill hearing will surely bring out all of the
    anti-gun organizations in the state. Please plan on attending to show
    your support for HB 347. If you're unable to attend, please contact the
    House Criminal Justice Committee during normal business hours by calling
    Chairman Bob Latta (R-06) at (614) 466-8104.

    House Bill 1134 ("A Citizens Right to Self-Defense"), is modeled after
    Florida's "Castle Doctrine," and successfully passed the House Judiciary
    Committee today, Friday January 27. This important legislation is now
    scheduled to be heard on the House floor this coming Tuesday, January
    31. Please contact your Representative at (605) 773-3851 and ask him or
    her to support HB 1134.

    On Thursday, January 26, at 5:00 p.m., the Virginia House Militia,
    Police, and Public Safety subcommittee met and heard two extremely
    important pro-gun bills: House Bill 704 and House Bill 1265, sponsored
    by Delegate Clarke Hogan (R-60) and Delegate Bill Janis (R-56),
    respectively. HB 704 seeks to further enhance Virginia's preemption
    statute by prohibiting counties from regulating hunting and the
    discharge of firearms. HB 1265 would prohibit any government authority
    from limiting the Right to Keep and Bear Arms during a declared "State
    of Emergency." These measures are likely to move swiftly through
    committee, so please contact your Delegate at (804) 698-1500 and ask him
    or her to support both of these strong pro-Second Amendment bills on the
    House floor! To further comment on these NRA-backed bills please call
    the "constituent viewpoint" line at (800) 889-0229.

    State Senator Mary Margaret Haugen (D-10) has introduced two Draconian
    anti-hunting measures in Olympia. SB 6598 would shut down hunting in
    Island County, and SB 6616 would ban hunting within one mile of a
    school. Senator Haugen does not like hunting and does not like hunters.
    Please call Senator Haugen at (360) 786-7618 and ask her to withdraw
    these punitive anti-hunting measures. In addition, Senate Bill 5343, a
    bill that prohibits non-licensed individuals from buying, selling or
    trading firearms from their private collections at gun shows without
    conducting the exchange through a licensed firearm dealer, was heard in
    the Senate Judiciary Committee on Tuesday. Although more than 100 NRA
    members and firearm owners turned out to voice their opposition to this
    bill, a handful of uniformed police chiefs have some committee members
    searching for a compromise. The proponents of SB 5343, including
    Washington Ceasefire and The Brady Campaign, made it very clear that
    restricting private transactions at gun shows is the first step in their
    plan to restrict ALL private transactions of firearms in the State of
    Washington. The President of Washington Ceasefire also used this
    hearing to make a very emotional appeal for a ban on semiautomatic
    firearms and .50 caliber rifles. These people are extremists and their
    agenda is clear. Law-abiding firearm owners must stop this bill or it
    will be the proverbial "first step." Aside from the horrible precedent
    Senate Bill 5343 would set, the bill would expand the registration
    database in Washington. Under existing law, all dealer handgun sales
    are recorded with the Department of Licensing (DOL) which maintains a
    database of Washington handgun owners. Any additional private sales
    that would be brokered through dealers under the provisions of this bill
    would also be registered with DOL. Further, SB 5343 establishes state
    fees (in effect, a GUN TAX) for the background checks and, of course,
    dealers would charge an additional fee for the time and effort it takes
    them to facilitate transactions. The worst part is that all this
    bureaucracy would be created with virtually NO benefit, since the vast
    majority of criminals get their guns from sources other than gun shows.
    Law enforcement resources would be diverted from going after real
    criminals and the black market to doing background checks on law-abiding
    firearm owners. It is critical that every concerned firearm owner
    contact their Senator and the members of the Judiciary Committee. Urge
    them to OPPOSE Senate Bill 5343 and ANY restriction on private firearm
    transactions!! Messages for legislators can be left on the toll-free
    Legislative Hotline at (800) 562-6000. It is especially important for
    firearm owners in Senate Districts 2 (Senator Marilyn Rasmussen) and 48
    (Senator Luke Esser) to contact your Senators! Senator Rasmussen (D-2)
    represents a rural, pro-gun district. However, she is considering the
    "compromise" mentioned earlier in this alert. If you live in the 2nd
    Senate District, please be sure to contact Senator Rasmussen at (360)
    786-7602 and tell her there is no workable compromise. The ONLY
    alternative is to defeat any restrictions on private firearm
    transactions! Senator Esser (R-48), on the other hand, represents a
    very moderate, swing, suburban district. He shares our philosophy that
    these kinds of restrictions will only impact law-abiding citizens. But
    he needs to hear from firearm owners in the 48th Senate District. Thank
    him for always standing up for the rights of law-abiding citizens and
    urge him to hold the line against this horrible bill! You can reach
    Senator Esser at (360) 786-7694.

    On January 26, the Wisconsin State Senate voted 23-10 to override the
    Governor's veto of the Personal Protection Act (PPA). The bill now moves
    to the Assembly for an override vote that is scheduled for Tuesday,
    January 31. In support of the PPA, please attend Tuesday's vote at
    10:00 a.m., on the 3rd floor of the West Wing at the capitol. Please
    also contact your State Representative reminding him or her to continue
    their support of the PPA by voting to override the Governor's veto on
    Tuesday, January 31. Representatives can be reached at (800) 362-9472.
    Additionally, The future of hunting in Wisconsin is in serious jeopardy.
    For every 100 hunters lost due to old age or other factors, only 53
    replace them. The primary reason for Wisconsin's declining hunter
    recruitment rate is the current minimum hunting age. Many kids have
    already developed other interests by the time they turn 12. Assembly
    Bill 586, also known as the "Hunter Mentoring Bill," has been introduced
    to provide parents more discretion with regard to deciding when their
    children are mature enough to hunt. Thirty states have passed similar
    legislation. Please call your State Senator at (800) 362-9472 and
    respectfully ask him or her to support AB 586, the "Hunter Mentoring
    Chris - P95
    NRA Certified Instructor & NRA Life Member.

    "To own a gun and assume that you are armed
    is like owning a piano and assuming that you are a musician!." - a portal for 2A links, articles and some videos.

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    Nebraska's CCW bill is proceeding nicely in our Unicameral. Both votes in general file and select file passed with room to spare, as did 2 cloture votes of the reigning anti wacko...who's thankfully term limited out of office next year.

    Only the final reading/vote remains, and our governer has said that he will sign it. There's a month left in the legislative session, so plenty of time to schedule the final reading.

    It's not perfect..has no reciprocity provision and doesn't address the anti carry ordinances in Omaha and Lincoln but it IS a giant leap forward.
    If you ain't the lead dog, the view never changes.

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    Glad to hear that my home state (Indiana) has a bill in the works to formalize "no duty to retreat", which has been the default law of the state for years anyway. Indiana has been a "shall-issue" state since the 1920's, and common-sense is still fairly common regarding our gun laws, so I think this bill will have no problems passing.
    "An unarmed man can only flee from evil, and evil is not overcome by fleeing from it."
    - Col. Jeff Cooper, USMC

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    Yeah, but the part of the Indiana bill about having the right to have your firearm in your vehicle at work was gutted.

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