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    Gun owner doesn't want to kill people

    Help me understand Sharon Diller's logic in "A nicely argued point, but wrong" (Feb. 2 letter). A kitchen knife's primary purpose is to cut food. Check. A vehicle's primary purpose is to transport people. Check. A handgun's primary purpose is to kill people. Not even close. In fact, after thousands of handgun rounds personally fired, I have yet to come close to hitting a person, let alone killing one.

    Following this warped logical path means that the gun itself must somehow be defective. Instead, it is clear that the defect is in the logic held by the handgun control advocates who focus only on the idea that "a handgun exists only to allow the owner to kill someone."

    That thought has never crossed my mind. In fact, I hope the need to protect either myself or another never, ever makes that thought for me a reality. Unfortunately, the daily news reported in this very paper foretells the chance of just the opposite.

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    Actually, a firearm's primary purpose is indeed to kill things.

    The problem is that Idealistic Utopians (other people call them "Liberals") see this as a bad thing.
    Our argument has to be, "Being able to kill things isn't necessarily bad." Anything else is a lie, and is easily exposed as such.

    You may use your gun only to perforate cardboard. Nevertheless, your gun's true purpose is to kill. The cardboard is merely a harmless stand-in.
    Stick to the truth. Doing anything else only gives the anti-gun people
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    Well, Sharon a tube of ChapStick has a primary purpose of preventing chapped lips.
    We all know that.


    You just got finished putting some ChapStick on your lips while you step into an elevator and (of course) you are not paying any attention to your surroundings because you are a helpless sheep personality type.

    A seriously bad drug addicted violent formerly convicted released felon follows you into the elevator - stops the elevator in between floors violently knocks you to the elevator floor and begins choking you to death because what he wants is your purse and what he does not want is a living witness that can identify him. So he does want to kill you.

    You still have your tube of Chapstick in your hand and in the final minute before all of the life goes out of your almost but not quite limp wish that the tube of Chapstick was a.....WHAT?

    Pick One Of The Following:

    A) A Slice Of Pizza

    B) An Obama Campaign Button

    C) A Fistful Of Carbon Credit Coupons

    D) A Handgun

    E) A Photograph Of Your Aunt Sally Baking Chocolate Chip Cookies

    F) A Self Defense Emergency Whistle

    Please answer truthfully Sharon Diller.

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    I'll take the chocolate chip cookies for 100 Alec
    "Outside of the killings, Washington has one of the lowest crime rates in the country,"
    --Mayor Marion Barry, Washington , DC .

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    make your choice

    a slice of pizza sounds good about now.
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    I take B. I use the pin on the button to blind my assailant. I then run for office and attempt to outlaw buttons because they are a dangerous weapon. For those of you that feel you have a right under the 1st amendment I will require a button wearier to have a permit. Off course you will not be able to wear your button into certain buildings and some states may not accept a button permit from another state.

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    Well, swords, and bows original main purposes is to kill, take life. People forget that though, and use them for ceremonial, ornamentation, hobby of collecting, see them as art, or a tool for a sport without the thought of they are mainly made to kill...cause they are outdated (obsolete).

    Same with guns originally conceived to take life, yes. BUT other uses have been adopted for them. Such as collection, sport, art, ornamentation, and ceremonial uses.

    All are tools to take life. TOOLS. They don't take life on their own; they don't posses the user and tell to kill randomly. The USER in which wields that tool is the one responsible.

    If your going to get rid of tools that were made to take life lets look all ALL tools the were made to take life. Swords, and bows are jsut a deadly as guns.

    If a person wants to take life they will find any necessary TOOL to do so...even bare hands!!

    Typing this at work.....kinda lost track of my point.....I'm sure some of ya will get it though.

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