Letter sent to my senators.

Letter sent to my senators.

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Thread: Letter sent to my senators.

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    Letter sent to my senators.

    Dear Senator,

    I am a 28 year old man who is neither Republican, Democrat, pro gun, nor pro gun control. I consider myself to be a pretty level headed and peaceful person who votes and makes decisions using a basic, progressive thinking, common sense, right or wrong approach. I live in Washington State with my wife and daughter. We own a repair business going to many private, backwoods and secluded places on a daily basis as well as many urban and downtown locations. We travel to many area's known for meth labs and meth users. Many times we are miles away from any authorities or help. I am a concealed handgun permit holder and carry a loaded .45 caliber pistol and a .380 caliber back up pocket pistol every day for personal protection. I talk to my daughter and wife about the safety of guns, gun handling and the importance of concealed carrying. Citizens need to become educated, teaching themselves and our youth about gun safety and the importance of our second amendment rights.

    Like most responsible adults, I keep my weapons locked inside bolted down key pad safes for my child's safety, theft prevention, and for quick access in case I ever need to protect myself in my home from a violent criminal. With all of the negative stigma and fear surrounding guns in the media, politics, and in our daily lives, no one seems to stop and think of the big picture. People shoot guns, guns don't shoot people. There has to be a person behind the trigger. When we hear of gun violence in America, people seem to forget that criminals commit these crimes of violence. Somehow part of the general public and gun ban supporters view these crimes with guns as a “gun issue” or that guns are bad or a dangerous threat to their safety. When in reality its the criminal doing the crime, and breaking the law, not the gun. The criminals are the only threat to our safety.

    I carry a handgun not to commit crimes or to feel tough or reckless, but to protect my life and my family from ruthless, cold blooded criminal behavior. If I ever become a target, then I will be prepared to defend my life and not become a statistic or victim of crime. Its my life or theirs, and I choose mine and my family's everyday. I think too many people live in denial or in the hopes that nothing bad or criminal will ever happen to them. You have to understand that if you support votes to take away gun rights of the American people, you will be doing just that, taking away access to a means of legal personal protection.

    Proposed gun laws and future feared bans will "never" affect criminals like home invaders, car jackers, armed robbers, adult/child sex offenders, or murderers. They make their living breaking laws. This will only affect law abiding citizens. Once, or if these laws are ever passed, criminals will have free reign to do as they please knowing that our gun rights have been heavily restricted or worse, taken away. They will no longer fear breaking in to our homes, pillaging thru our property or murdering our helpless "gun free" families. It only takes common sense to realize how fast the crime rate will skyrocket when U.S. Citizens can no longer legally protect themselves. For the very few non existent criminals that try to buy guns at legit gun shops, the waiting period and background check works great. Kudos to the Brady bill! But as for the rest of the 99.9% of convicted or future criminals among us who know better and get their guns on the streets through black markets, these laws and bans don't do squat against these unregistered, untraceable offenders. Gun laws and feared gun bans only affect "our" safety as a people.

    After reading this, please think about the affects of supporting gun laws and bans. Think of how peaceful this world "won't" be when criminals have no fear of committing crimes against you and your families. I urge all gun law/gun ban supporters to really read and take this letter to heart. Talk to your friends and families about this and really think about what your supporting and how these so called public protection, peace and love inspired gun laws may affect you and yours someday.

    Thank you for reading. If you have any questions or comments please feel free to reply.

    Below are some great video links that will help you to visualize what this letter is all about.

    YouTube - Gun Control Activist Yard Sign - Attention Criminals

    YouTube - Criminals For Gun Control Part 1 - Home Invasion

    YouTube - Criminals For Gun Control Part 2 - Carjacking

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    Thumbs up Nice Letter

    You did a great job getting your point across.
    Your letter should be an example for the rest of us to follow.
    I realized one thing concerning our gun rights. No one can sit on their hands expecting all will be well.
    Join the NRA, GOA and your state Grassroots organization. Everyone must take part or like I read somewhere our gun rights will go the way of the Do-Do bird.

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