On Monday morning 4 gun bills will be heard in the Senate Courts of
Justice committee at 8:30 AM:

HB 1851, Delegate Lingamfelter's bill to exempt active-duty military
from Virginia's one handgun a month law. (SUPPORT)

HB 2136, Delegate Jackson Miller's bill to allow a police officer to
arrest at will for a Class 1 or Class 2 misdemeanor. (OPPOSE)

HB 2144, Delegate Nutter's CHP privacy loophole bill that stops the
State Police from disseminating CHP information, but leaves a huge
loophole that lets courts give out that same information and more.
(OPPOSE unless amended to completely protect the private information
of CHP holders.)

HB 2178, Delegate Ed Scott's bill that makes possession of ammunition
by a convicted felon a crime under Virginia law. (OPPOSE)


On Monday afternoon Senator Marsh's SB 1254, which requires that out
of state CHP holders who already have a picture on their permits show
yet another picture ID, is being heard in the House Courts of Justice
committee. VCDL opposes this bill.