I'm not sure how I feel about the question of D.C. residents being able to vote: it's unconstitutional, but it seems unfair, but.... But I do know how I feel about gun control. I wrote directly to my congressperson, and in case anyone also wants to write directly, and wants some ideas, here's what I sent:

Dear Congressman (name):

I strongly urge you to oppose any effort to prevent congress from voting on the repeal of the D.C. gun ban, and I strongly urge that you vote for a repeal of the D.C. gun ban and, where possible, to support the elimination of all gun control laws, in D.C. or elsewhere across our nation, that make it difficult or impossible for ordinary, law-abiding citizens to have, carry and use firearms for their legitimate self defense.

I believe that criminals routinely ignore gun control laws.

I believe that gun control laws only affect those who are so law abiding that they will leave themselves nearly defenseless so as to remain law-abiding.

All the studies I have read show by overwhelming margins that there is great benefit in supporting those who wish to make firearms a part of their home and personal security measures, and that the tiny percentage of citizens who abuse this right is vanishingly small.

I suggest that the astronomically high crime rate in D.C. is due in no small measure to the assurance criminals have that their prey are by and large defenseless, and that the police are spread to thin to catch them.

And of course, as the Supreme Court has recently re-affirmed, one of the core tenants of our system of government (specifically the second amendment to our constitution), is that individual citizens have the right to keep and bear arms for their personal defense.

In short, gun control strengthens criminal activity and weakens our society against its ravages. We have enough trouble fighting terrorists from abroad without making us powerless against the threats in our own backyards.