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The following is a preview of a speech intended for presention before the National Rifle Association March 15, 2009. It is something which every American, especially gun owners, need to read.

We have plenty to talk about regarding our country, our constitution and our rights, specifically, our Second Amendment right to keep and bear arms. We must Stand Up America to protect these rights, our country and our families. WE must be on guard. We must Guard America. At all costs, we must protect ourselves against any tyranny as our constitution so proudly states.

One of the most prized possessions of Americans has been our guns. This is an historic tradition. It represents a priceless freedom won by our forefathers which few nations have cherished and enjoyed and helped protect her families.

The conviction about the right of citizens to own and use firearms for lawful purposes that the original Constitution was amended to provide that “the right of the people to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed”. That right is a foundation stone of American liberty. We owe it to our ancestors and to our future generations that this inheritance not be destroyed nor tarnished.

WE must act now and forever to make certain that Americans always will have that cherished freedom, the values and the benefits signified by a man, woman and their gun…

Among gun owners, the 2008 election has created a serious situation for our Second Amendment rights not only in Washington but in our States. Americans are speaking with their wallets and their constitutional rights -buying firearms, accessories and ammunition in quantities, never seen before-partly out of fear of the current politicians in powerful positions in Washington and their selective hostile gun-ban agenda.

Then and now, they talk about banning guns “on the streets”. But the firearms they would ban are not on the streets, they’re in the homes of good and decent Americans - you, our good neighbors and me. “Guns on the streets?” If they mean guns in the hands of violent criminal predators, you and I know that those firearms-of any description-are possessed illegally. It is a 10-year felony for any gun to be possessed by convicted felons or those in the drug trade.

Today, in the time since the 1994 ban-which expired in 2004, thanks in large part to the activism of NRA members and our countless friends-there are millions more of the semi-auto rifles that they want to ban. Millions of Americans now own them for millions of personal, lawful and peaceable individual reasons.

Many in the liberal media are pushing the line that a new ban is inevitable. Mark my words, if it is attempted – as in 1994 - a change in members of Congress, a massive political upheaval and a change in party dominance, is equally inevitable.

U.S. Representative Bobby Rush (D-Ill.) recently sponsored HR 45, also known as “Blair Holt’s Firearm Licensing and Record of Sale Act.” The bill is, at its core and as its name implies a licensing and registration scheme.

The measure calls for all handgun owners to submit to the federal government an application that shall include, among many other things: a photo; an address; a thumbprint; a completed, written firearm safety test; private mental health records; and a fee. And those are only some of the requirements to be licensed!

The bill would further require the Attorney General to establish a database of every handgun sale, transfer, and owner’s address in America. Moreover, the bill would make it illegal to own or possess a “qualifying firearm” — defined as “any handgun; or any semiautomatic firearm that can accept any detachable ammunition feeding device…” [Emphasis added] without one of the proposed licenses.

Additionally, the bill would make it illegal to transfer ownership of a “qualifying firearm” to anyone who is not a licensed gun dealer or collector (with very few exceptions), and would require “qualifying firearm” owners to report all transfers to the attorney general’s database. It would also be illegal for a licensed gun owner to fail to record a gun loss or theft within 72 hours, or fail to report a change of address within 60 days. Further, if a minor obtains a firearm and injures someone with it, the owner of the firearm may face a multiple-year jail sentence.

H.R. 45 is essentially a reintroduction of HR 2666, which Rush introduced in 2007. H.R. 2666 contained much of the same language as H.R. 45, and was co-sponsored by several well-known anti-gun legislators—including Barack Obama’s chief of staff, Rahm Emanuel. H.R. 45 currently has no co-sponsors.

Purchase of Firearms in Contiguous States 45-8-341. Purchase of rifle or shotgun in contiguous state by Montana resident. Residents of Montana may purchase any rifle or rifles and shotgun or shotguns in a state contiguous to Montana, provided that such residents conform to the applicable provisions of the federal Gun Control Act of 1968 and regulations there under, as administered by the United States secretary of the treasury, and provided further that such residents conform to the provisions of law applicable to such purchase in Montana and in the state in which the purchase is made. Residents of a state contiguous to Montana may purchase any rifle or rifles and shotgun or shotguns in Montana, provided that such residents conform to the applicable provisions of the federal Gun Control Act of 1968 and regulations there under, as administered by the United States secretary of the treasury, and provided further that such residents conform to the provisions of law applicable to such purchase in Montana and in the state in which such persons reside.

We will not lose this battle. Not if each of us does our part. As NRA members, we each know perhaps a half-dozen people who, since the elections, have spoken out loud and clear as consumers. We must meet them with a simple message: You’ve got the firearm you want, but keep it; you need to join with us, with the NRA-the one force in American politics that can stand up and defeat the gun-ban crowd.

The Time to Act is now. Every law-abiding American gun owner must be ready. We must be ready, willing and able to defend our rights at every turn and at every level with all of our might, all of our hearts and all of our souls. Now is the time to act.

We must ensure that every member of Congress understands, from the very beginning, that we expect them to hold the administration to their campaign rhetoric. They promised to protect and respect the rights of law-abiding citizens to keep and bear arms, just as our Founding Fathers intended. We must send a clear message that we expect Congress to hold them to that promise.

Fewer than 100 hours after their election, the Obama-Biden team posted an internet web page at outlining their “urban policy.” It included: Permanent Clinton-style gun bans.

Repeal of the Tiahrt Amendment exposing sensitive, non-representative BATFE gun “trace” data for trial lawyers and anti-gun politicians.

Restrictions making weekend gun shows as we know them – and private sales between law-abiding citizens – effectively illegal.

Several of the administration’s appointees passed that anti-gun litmus test with ease. Consider just these two:

Rahm Emanuel, Obama’s chief of staff, served as the Clinton administration’s “point man on gun control”. In Congress, he consistently voted against your gun rights, earning a failing “F” grade from NRA-ILA. He co-sponsored legislation to extend and expand the Clinton gun ban; called for requiring handguns to incorporate nonexistent “smart gun” technology that could make them prohibitively expensive, unreliable and essentially non-transferable; and voted against the Lawful Commerce in Arms Act exposing America’s firearms industry to politically-motivated lawsuits.

Semi-Automatic and Pump-Action Firearms- On his transition team website, Obama committed himself to reinstating the “assault weapon” ban that was in effect between 1994 and 2004. Most of us remember that the ban, among other things, prohibited the manufacture of detachable-magazine semi-automatic rifles with standard attachments, such as a pistol-type grip, an adjustable-length or folding stock or a flash suppressor.

Eric Holder, the new attorney general, has an even more egregious anti-gun record. As Bill Clinton’s deputy attorney general, Holder wanted to require government-issued licenses to exercise your Second Amendment rights. He pushed mandatory waiting periods, one-gun-a-month rationings of your rights, mandatory trigger-lock regimes and bans on certain magazines.

Has their time come?

Never in our nation’s history have we had a President, Vice President, Governors, Mayors (Mayor Bloomberg of New York for example) more supportive of more restrictive gun laws. Even many Police Organizations have joined this anti-gun crowd. Hopefully, our Police will all stand behind us here in Montana to support our right to bear arms. Beware of those like the Chief of Police in Los Angeles who is a radical gun control advocate.

We have a fight on our hands. We must take a Stand and be on Guard. I want to hear all of those out there, here tonight, that will stand up now and express your support of our right as citizens to own and bear arms and commit each of us to work together to clean up the criminals in our communities and the country. And to oust from office any politician who goes on record to take away our Second Amendment rights.