What is this? "Gun Guys" website??

What is this? "Gun Guys" website??

This is a discussion on What is this? "Gun Guys" website?? within the The Second Amendment & Gun Legislation Discussion forums, part of the Related Topics category; Gun Guys : Where Everyone's a Straight Shooter! At first, looks like another 2A advocate blog. But then, start reading. What the I stumbled across ...

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Thread: What is this? "Gun Guys" website??

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    Thumbs down What is this? "Gun Guys" website??

    Gun Guys : Where Everyone's a Straight Shooter!

    At first, looks like another 2A advocate blog. But then, start reading. What the

    I stumbled across this while searching for some other stats, and I couldn't stay there much longer. Their jumps to conclusions, combined with the fact that they allow NO comments of feedback whatsoever, makes it obvious what they're really about.

    Gun Guys Fighting for Stronger Gun Laws in Indy and Illinois

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    Gun Guys was the precursor of all those "We believe in the 2A but only when applies to us. There should be restrictions." Anti Gun front
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    Got me heated just a few sentences in!

    UPDATE to our original post below.

    Well it appears that the right-wing Washington Times needs to hire some competent fact checkers after the paper erroneously said that the Obama administration was ending the program to arm airline pilots.
    Right wing Washington Times...Ok, so now I know these are left wingers.

    We think -- as noted below this post -- that the Obama administration and the Transportation Safety Authority (TSA) should end this dangerous policy of permitting handguns in the cockpit of civilian airplanes. It would be far wiser for TSA to improve security screening procedures than allow pilots to play cowboy at 25,000 feet if there is ever a hijacking or some other attack. Pilots are human. They can mishandle a weapon or misjudge a stressful situation, injure themselves, unintentionally kill or injure an innocent person, or cause damage to the aircraft itself.
    The pilots aren't playing "cowboy". Damage to the aircraft? Who cares. This isn't a movie. I've been in aircraft with bullet holes. They don't suddenly crash. At most, you get a blown hydraulic line and loss in cabin pressure, in which case, the O2 masks will drop until they reach an altitude where you don't need oxygen. Kill an innocent person? A BUNCH of innocent people are gonna die if they do nothing...

    The notion that an airline pilot, responsible for the safety for over 100 people on board, would leave the controls of his plane, take out a .40 caliber handgun to neutralize a hijacker is simply ridiculous. Far more likely is the danger of a pilot unintentionally causing havoc because of the presence of a gun in the cockpit.
    They aren't going to leave the cockpit. This is to keep the wrong people OUT of the cockpit. Not to "save the day". That's what the Federal Air Marshals are for. If the pilot really wanted to cause havoc...he's got far better than guns...he's got control of the plane. Push forward on the sticks for a while, and it will do far more damage than any gun could do.

    I'm already heated...lol

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    "GunGuys.com is a project of the Freedom States Alliance, working to reduce gun violence in America."

    This statement on the top of the site is the first problem I noticed.

    Working to reduce gun violence?
    We should be working to reduce dirtbags.

    This organization must be 'kissing cousins' to the Brady Bunch.

    Stay armed...watch out for the anti's..stay safe!
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    Stated agenda: reduce gun violence.

    Real agenda: reduce gun ownership. I would at least have a bit of respect for them if they could be upfront with what they want. Everything is smoke and mirrors.
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    This is one of several websites or organizations that was started and is funded by anti-gun organizations. The purpose is to appear "moderate" ("hey! We just want to stop crime!") while pursuing the removal of guns from our society.

    The anti-gun crowd has figured out that most Americans won't go for their agenda if it's too overt, so they work hard to disguise it.
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    Gun Guys is funded by the Violence Policy Center, whose stated goal is to ban all handguns in the US. Needless to say the site is hardly pro 2A!

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    I've just about fed up with the anti-gun crowed, I guess this is one site I'll just skip then and save my blood pressure the rise.
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