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Fox News: The power of the NRA

This is a discussion on Fox News: The power of the NRA within the The Second Amendment & Gun Legislation Discussion forums, part of the Related Topics category; This article tilts left. WASHINGTON -- When Democrats acted last month to give the District of Columbia long-denied voting rights in Congress, the powerful gun ...

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Thread: Fox News: The power of the NRA

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    This article tilts left.

    WASHINGTON -- When Democrats acted last month to give the District of Columbia long-denied voting rights in Congress, the powerful gun lobby saw a target too good not to take a shot at.
    That's one.
    Left mostly unsaid, but well understood by all 535 members of the House and Senate, was that failure to do so would unleash a barrage of political pain on resisters.
    Paints a picture of coercion.
    The bill hasn't resurfaced because Democrats cannot figure out how to keep it from splitting their ranks. Moderates and conservatives don't want to buck the NRA. Liberals are reluctant to be blackmailed into loosening gun laws.
    Depicts liberals as courageous underdogs.
    The 138-year-old group derives its influence from a large and motivated base of members, particularly in rural areas and the South.
    Journalistic code for "rednecks."
    Their lobbyists tell lawmakers that they will be "scoring" specific bills -- the equivalent of saying, "We're watching you, and if you vote the wrong way, there will be consequences."
    More implications of coercion.
    The group's political action committee spent $15.6 million on campaign donations during the past two years, according to disclosures filed with the Federal Election Commission.
    Shocking... until you consider the HUNDREDS of millions spent on the "O" campaign in the last year.
    The NRA generally avoids contributing to lawmakers who don't vote with it. Many other organizations cultivate relationships with Congress by spreading their campaign cash around even to leaders and committee heads who don't always back their causes.
    This is how you make political contributions sound selfish. The "many other organizations" aren't exactly spreading their cash out of generosity.
    In the case of the voting rights bill, for example, the NRA quietly put out the word that it would score a procedural measure to set ground rules for the debate -- and determine whether the anti-gun control proposal could or could not be offered. That meant a vote to advance the bill without reversing the district's gun laws could cost a lawmaker the NRA's political support. It was enough to halt the measure in its tracks.
    Interesting. Kinda flies in the face of this:
    Helmke said NRA's recent efforts to demonstrate its clout are partly "a sign of desperation. They realize this is probably their last gasp in terms of trying to be the force that they used to be."


    "Democrats want to stay in the majority, and one of the ways to keep us in the majority is not to tilt toward gun control," Boren said.
    Finally SOMEone gets it.
    "The flock sleep peaceably in their pasture at night because Sheepdogs stand ready to do violence on their behalf."

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    Quote Originally Posted by kazzaerexys View Post
    In fact, if a voting representative for the District is ever seated without a Constitutional Amendment, I expect any state AG with any cajones whatsoever to immediately start suing to prevent enaction of any legislation voted on by Congress, because the existence of such a Representative would be a near automatic disenfrachisement of every State citizen and a dilution of State's rights in general.
    There aren't any AG's with any cajones.
    There are plenty of reasons for AG's to have spoken up with lawsuits whil D.C. continues to grab unconstitutional powers and states continue to lose theirs.
    This better start changing soon....or we'll be heading somewhere we don't want to go.

    "The price of freedom is eternal vigilance." -Thomas Jefferson

    "Liberalism is a Mental Disorder." -Michael Savage

    GOOD Gun Control is being able to hit your target! -Myself

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    Quote Originally Posted by P7fanatic View Post
    There aren't any AG's with any cajones.
    I disagree. Richard Blumenthal (AG CT) has plenty of stones and he isn't afraid to display them. Look at his track record, I think you will agree with me. He is a democrat, but he got my vote.
    "The natural progress of things is for liberty to yield, and government to gain ground."

    - Thomas Jefferson

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    I may not agree with everything the NRA does or doesn't do, and that's expected because there is no organization that will 100% satisfy every member.

    I've been a life member a long time, and recently I've started giving NRA memberships as gifts.
    Helpful hints on pushing back and strengthening the 2A:

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    I can't find the Fox News article. Can you provide a link?

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