60 Minutes/VCDL segment to air on Sunday 7p est

60 Minutes/VCDL segment to air on Sunday 7p est

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Thread: 60 Minutes/VCDL segment to air on Sunday 7p est

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    60 Minutes/VCDL segment to air on Sunday 7p est

    1. 60 Minutes/VCDL segment to air on Sunday
    2. A hit piece on guns tomorrow night on ABC's 20/20?

    1. 60 Minutes/VCDL segment to air on Sunday

    A few weeks ago I was interviewed by Leslie Stahl with CBS's 60
    Minutes for an upcoming show dealing with gun shows, the non-existent
    "gun show loophole," and the future of our right to keep and bear arms
    with the House, Senate, and Presidency controlled by Democrats.

    Part of it was filmed at the C&E gun show at the Showplace in
    Richmond, part of it in a quieter environment in a hotel conference
    room at the Richmond Marriott, and part of it at Dominion Shooting
    Range in Richmond.

    I have no idea how it will turnout, of course, but we will all know
    this Sunday at 7 PM.

    Here is a preview of the show. Note the chilling reminder that
    Senator Feinstein is waiting for **the right time** for her next
    "assault weapon" ban. Remember it was Feinstein who said, "If I could
    have banned them all - Mr. And Mrs. America turn in your guns - I
    would have!" on 60 Minutes on February 5, 1995, two years after her
    AWB bill passed.

    We need to make sure there is NEVER a good time to ban any of our guns
    ever again:

    Feinstein: Not The Time For Gun Control - CBS News

    Feinstein: Not The Time For Gun Control
    60 Minutes: Gun Companies, Dealers Report U.S. Sales Going Through The
    Roof Since Election
    April 9, 2009

    (CBS) The California senator who authored the nation's now-lapsed
    1994 ban on assault weapons says she will hold off trying to renew
    that ban.

    Dianne Feinstein (D.-Calif.) tells 60 Minutes correspondent Lesley
    Stahl that the political timing isn't right and she will move to renew
    the ban at a future time of her own choosing. Feinstein appears in
    Stahl's report on the increase in gun sales taking place in America to
    be broadcast this Sunday, April 12, at 7 p.m. ET/PT.

    Asked by Stahl if trying to renew the assault weapons ban would start
    a culture war and pose a distraction for an already overburdened Obama
    Administration, Feinstein replies, "I agree with you." "So you are
    going to hold off?" asks Stahl. "That's correct. I'll pick the time
    and the place, no question about it," Feinstein tells Stahl.

    But even if she pursued the renewal, the votes may not be there today
    in either the Senate or the House. Both Houses of Congress gained pro-
    gun Democrats this past election, some of whom won the support of the
    National Rifle Association. "I am not going to disagree with that at
    all," says Feinstein. "The National Rifle Association essentially has
    a stranglehold on the Congress."

    Has Congressional leadership or anyone from the Obama administration
    influenced her decision to put off the fight for renewal of the
    assault weapons ban? "No. Nobody said a word to me," Feinstein tells

    Feinstein appears in Stahl's report on the increase of gun sales in
    America. Stahl talks to gun enthusiasts who tell her Americans are
    buying more guns now, in part, due to fear of impending social unrest
    as a result of the financial meltdown.

    Philip Van Cleave, president of the Virginia Citizens Defense League,
    a pro-guns advocacy group, explains: "We're being told all the time
    that, ‘The economy could just collapse and we could fall into chaos.’
    Well, chaos is a good reason to be able to protect yourself… You could
    imagine if we truly had a collapse of the economy and it was hard to
    find food, those that did manage to hang onto food-might…find
    themselves in a precarious position.'" Van Cleave tells Stahl the
    other main reason is fear of potential gun control under new President
    Barack Obama.

    2. A hit piece on guns tomorrow night on ABC's 20/20?

    ABC's 20/20 is having what sounds like a hit-piece on guns tomorrow
    night. They are keeping the lie alive that there is some kind of
    legal loophole that can only be found at gun shows. Very poor
    reporting on ABC's part.

    And it looks like they are still trying to blame gun shows for what
    happened at Virginia Tech.

    It just makes my head hurt.

    Here is the argument on gun shows with just a few words changed to
    show the absurdity:

    "We need to make it harder to get a drivers license because John was
    killed by a drunk driver."

    "But, why? That drunk didn't have a license."

    "But he COULD have had a license!"

    After Binghamton, Questions Linger About Easy Access to Guns - ABC News

    After Binghamton, Questions Linger About Easy Access to Guns
    Battle Over Access to Guns Renews After Shootings in New York,

    April 6, 2009—

    As the nation gets a clearer picture of two killers who have made
    headlines in recent days -- one near Pittsburgh, one in Binghamton,
    N.Y. -- some are wondering whether Americans have too much access to

    Watch the "20/20" special on "If I Only Had a Gun" Friday at 10 p.m. ET

    This morning, Shirley DeLucia is recovering from gunshot wounds in a
    New York hospital. Hailed as one of the heroes of Friday's massacre in
    Binghamton, DeLucia called police after being shot along with another
    receptionist who was killed.

    Doctors say she should make a full physical recovery, but her brother,
    Lyle Fasset, said the emotional impact could take its toll for a long
    time to come.

    "I think she's going to have a few problems," he said, adding that she
    worried about paying the bills the last time he visited her in the

    As the gunman, identified as 41-year-old Jiverly Voong, blasted his
    way through the American Civic Association, DeLucia, 61, stayed on the
    phone for 38 minutes, guiding police and trying to provide them with
    information to prevent more people from being shot. Voong killed 13
    people before turning the gun on himself.

    "We're always there for her," Fasset said. "Chances are she's not
    going to ask for help. That's the kind of person she is."

    On Saturday, one day after the Binghamton shootings, three Pittsburgh-
    area police officers were gunned down after responding to what they
    thought was a domestic disturbance call. Richard Poplawski, 23, the
    alleged shooter, was shot several times in the leg.

    Police responded after his mother called 911 concerning an argument
    over a urinating dog. When the first two officers arrived, she opened
    the door, not knowing her son was standing behind her with an AK-47
    assault-style rifle.

    Police say he also had a .22-caliber rifle and a revolver and was
    wearing a bulletproof vest.

    His close friend told ABC News that Poplawski had long feared losing
    his right to own guns.

    "They were all legal," his friend Edward Perkovic said of the weapons.
    "He had about four guns. I've been in houses where they have gun cases
    with 20 guns. He had a small, small amount of guns."

    "We have 32 people being murdered by guns every day in this country,"
    said Michael Wolkowitz, a board member of the Brady Center, which
    lobbies for tighter gun restrictions. "If peanut butter or pistachio
    nuts or spinach killed that number of people once in one day, they'd
    be pulled by the [Food and Drug Administration]."

    Purchasing a Gun, No Questions Asked

    In the last month, seven U.S. shootings have killed 48 people.

    Investigators believe Voong was an isolated man who couldn't find
    work. Authorities said that people had been making fun of him and his
    inability to speak English and that he had made weekly visits to a gun

    While the Constitution protects Americans' right to own guns, do laws
    make it too easy for potentially dangerous people to own firearms?

    This weekend's mass shootings come nearly two years after the massacre
    at Virginia Tech and two years after the Virginia governor and
    authorities urged lawmakers to close what's called the gun show
    "loophole," where customers can buy guns, no questions asked.

    For more than a year, ABC News has followed Omar Samaha, whose sister,
    Reema, was among the students killed at Virginia Tech. His quest now
    is to keep authorities to their word.

    When ABC News traveled with Samaha to a gun show in Richmond, Va., he
    had about $5,000 in cash and one hour to see what he could buy.

    He was approached by a seller before he even made it inside the door.
    Samaha was able to buy a gun -- a Glock-- no questions asked.

    It was a purchase that chilled him. It was the same kind of gun used
    to kill his sister and 31 others at Virginia Tech.

    Private sellers at gun shows in Virginia are not required to conduct
    background checks. It's a loophole that exists in 33 states.

    Gun rights groups argue that the Virginia Tech shooter bought his
    weapons at a gun shop, not at a show, and that they shouldn't be held
    responsible for background checks that didn't work.

    They say their privacy rights -- and business -- could be hurt, if the
    loophole is closed.

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    In Portland, OR, at least:
    • Fri Apr 10, 10pm -- ABC 20/20 -- If Only I Had a Gun
      Gun violence in the United States; whether gun owners can actually get to a gun in a crisis situation; the ease with which a gun can be purchased; gun violence as seen through the eyes of a child; the attraction of young people to guns.
    • Sun Apr 12, 7pm -- CBS 60 Mins -- Rising Rate of Gun Purchases
    Your best weapon is your brain. Don't leave home without it.
    Thoughts: Justifiable self defense (A.O.J.).
    Explain: How does disarming victims reduce the number of victims?
    Reason over Force: Why the Gun is Civilization (Marko Kloos).

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    I hope that 60 minutes doesn't edit the interview to tilt a different direction than the truth. I don't trust media organizations or politicians. Most of the time, what comes out of their mouths is twisted to benefit them and their agenda. My .02!

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    Video Link...

    Here it is not as bad as you may have assumed... some BS but some truth too... 60 Minutes 4/12/09
    "The sword dose not cause the murder, and the maker of the sword dose not bear sin" Rabbi Solomon ben Isaac 11th century

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