Bad guns, bad guns, bad guns...

Bad guns, bad guns, bad guns...

This is a discussion on Bad guns, bad guns, bad guns... within the The Second Amendment & Gun Legislation Discussion forums, part of the Related Topics category; Here's another item blaming guns for all the evils it brings to society, but not cars for drunk drivers' killings. Why can't people have the ...

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Thread: Bad guns, bad guns, bad guns...

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    Bad guns, bad guns, bad guns...

    Here's another item blaming guns for all the evils it brings to society, but not cars for drunk drivers' killings. Why can't people have the common sense to realize that crimes are a behavior problem and not a weapon/object problem? I still don't see how limiting the sales of "assault weapons" is going to keep a BG from killing anyone with a weapon.

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    That article being from the NY Times says it all. I think it is a complicated situation all around. I also think we can all agree that we wish to see an end to these shootings and unnecessary violence, but that is not going to happen.

    The comments left at the bottom of the article are probably written by the same people who elect their anti-gun politicians year after year, and they continue to wonder why there is so much crime in their city.
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    I think the thing that really p*sses me off about the media is when they rant about guns they show law abiding people shooting-and at the same time talk about criminals.
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