Ohio Vehicle Concealment Change Begins?

Ohio Vehicle Concealment Change Begins?

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Thread: Ohio Vehicle Concealment Change Begins?

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    Post Ohio Vehicle Concealment Change Begins?

    From NRA-ILA:

    Ohio House passes bill allowing drivers to hide guns in vehicle
    Thursday, March 09, 2006
    Reginald Fields
    Plain Dealer Bureau

    Columbus- The Ohio House on Wednesday overwhelmingly passed a bill that would allow licensed gun owners to carry their firearms hidden inside a vehicle when driving.

    The bill would eliminate a provision in current law requiring a firearm to be in "plain sight" when inside a vehicle, a requirement gun owners found cumbersome but that police officers aren't so sure shouldn't stay put.

    The bill's sponsor, Rep. Jim Aslanides, a Coshocton Republican, said the provision would bring Ohio in line with nearly every other state with a concealed carry gun law.

    Aslanides, however, still has not found a home for a provision that was taken out of the bill on Tuesday that would have restricted journalists' access to gun permit lists.

    After the bill was approved by the House Criminal Justice Committee without the restriction, Aslanides said he would like to see the provision show up in a long-debated public records bill.

    House Bill 9, the public records legislation, was not amended Wednesday to include the restriction.

    The new concealed carry gun bill - Sub. House Bill 374 - would revise but not totally rewrite the law that took effect in April 2004.

    It was approved by the House, 76-19, with no floor disagreements and far wider support from Democrats than the original law received.

    After the vote, House Speaker Jon Husted, a suburban Dayton Republican, mocked Democrats for changing their allegiance on the issue because the leading Democratic candidate for governor, U.S. Rep. Ted Strickland, is a gun proponent.

    "We passed a bill that all three major candidates for governor would sign," Husted said, referring to Strickland and the GOP contenders, Secretary of State Ken Blackwell and Attorney General Jim Petro.

    Under current law, a licensed gun owner who is driving must keep the firearm in clear view whether it is holstered or kept in a case - unless it is locked in a glove compartment.

    Aslanides said the requirement is too difficult to meet. Some people might carry a holster on their hips or another body part where an officer could not see it. Some might have clothing that covers up the gun.

    "There have been a couple of cases where officers didn't understand this plain sight thing and have threatened arrest and confiscation of the firearm," said Jim Irvine, chairman of the Buckeye Firearms Association.
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    About time. Always seemed a foolish law. Concealed means concealed.

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    Hear's hoping - not before time either.
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    Unfortunately, our esteemed Governor, Robert Taft is threatening to veto this legislation when it's put before him...thank goodness come November this guy will soon to be only a memory- problem is, it just won't be be soon enough.
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    well it would be nice. I'd like to see Bob "tax" Taft gone, but I'm not sure if we will get a friend or not.

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    If he doesn't have the cohonies to sign, he should at least not sign and allow it to pass w/o his signiture. He has been fully compromised as a politicain anyway. His veto will only be sour grapes.

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    Hopefully if he does veto it they will have enough votes to over ride. I just moved back to Ohio but this guy needs to go!

    Oh, and just for general knowledge Taft claims that he won't sign it because a major law enforcement agency, the Ohio highway patrol, is opposed to the changes. I always wonder though if the average cops are against it or just the politicians at the top.
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    Its my understanding, that its more the guys at the top.
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    Always thought that part of their law was kind of stupid, up here in Mi that is called bandishing.
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