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GRNC Alert 06-09-09:

HB 1132 Headed To Senate Floor

Call your Senator

HB 1132 received a favorable hearing in the NC Senate Judiciary II
Committee and now heads to the floor of the NC Senate for a vote. Now
is the time to call your Senator and ask him or her to vote for this
good bill

HB 1132, if passed, will shorten the deadline for sheriffs to process
renewals for concealed carry permits to 30 days. The icing on this
cake will be that it will allow your existing permit to remain in
force during the time required for the renewal process provided that
you apply within 30 days prior to the expiration.


* CALL your Senator and indicate your support. You may find your NC
Senator by going to this link: Representatives


You may find your NC representative by going here:


This is it, it's finally going to the Senate Floor. Only one of several we were waiting for but better one at a time than none.

Act now!! All you tarheels out there, let your NC Representatives hear from you.