Federal agents hunt for guns, one house at a time

Federal agents hunt for guns, one house at a time

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Thread: Federal agents hunt for guns, one house at a time

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    Federal agents hunt for guns, one house at a time

    Federal agents hunt for guns one house at a time | Chronicle | Chron.com - Houston Chronicle

    The mission is especially challenging because, officials say, that while Houston is the number one point of origin for weapons traced back to the United States from Mexico, the government can’t compile databases on gun owners under federal law.

    Agents instead review firearms dealers’ records in person
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    Wouldn't it be more useful to put those agents on the border?

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    I'm not sure how to react to this, on one hand I have issue with them reviewing dealer's records, on the other I see the need to curb the sale and transport of illegally acquired firearms to any and all criminals.

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    Title is misleading, they're not doing a house to house search, but following up on leads generated from work they already had to do - reviewing dealer records. Yeah, I agree there are better ways to utilize their time, but they are going after alleged/potential felons. Those felons are part of the problem anti's complain about - straw purchases. As long as they actually follow up and put the criminals behind bars.

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    there should not be any fence sitting on this. they are not looking for a person that comited a crime. they are looking for alleged/potential felons. there is a differance. only honest people can buy guns from dealers now. Why look at those records?

    I say that IF you see a pattern in the 85% of weapons THAT ARE TRACABLE then they should fallow that lead. that may lead then to a dealer and a straw purchase crime. leave the fishing expaditions to the lakes.
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    Quote Originally Posted by tbrenke View Post

    only honest people can buy guns from dealers now. Why look at those records?

    Surely, you jest.
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    This is, IMO, in the same vein as the earlier report from Department of Homeland Security branding certain conservatives/military vets, etc. as potential terrorists. It was rooted in a fundamental misunderstanding of the importance of personal liberty above virtually all else. It stems from a worldview that believes in trouncing personal liberty to ensure what is good (in the opinion of those in power) for the citizenry.

    I have zero problem with federal agents enforcing the law. However, I do have a problem with federal agents digging into the books of gun dealers to find people that they think might be suscipicious. I don't have a problem with that because it is bad detective work; it is prudent to connect the dots. However, our federal government has shown time and time again that it cannot be trusted to act responsibly with increased access and power. It uses that increased access and power to the point of abuse and that is what deeply concerns me about this.

    I am in North Texas, just 3+ hours from Houston. If I want to buy a firearm, maybe two in one week, should I have to answer questions from federal agents? Of course not. I'm glad to cooperate but frankly, the Mexican government is attempting to put the cat back in the bag and shift blame to American citizens for their own failures. The least of their problems are the firearms that come from our states. Guns are ubiquitous. If not from us, the cartels will get them from other places.

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    Secure the border. That's the real issue.

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    Sounds like they have a dirty Cop on their hands, reading the end of the article....
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    We do seem to be moving toward an all powerful federal government for the people by the powerful politicians to whom the people have ceeded autonomy.
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    'Fighting crime' sitting on your butt in an air conditioned place of business is a whole lot nicer than actually doing something in the heat and dust along the border.
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    As has been said by other. If we sent those ATF agents to the border instead of searching houses you will be able to catch a whole lot more people and smuggled weapons. Or if they instead spent some time investigating officials with questionable records on enforcing illegal immigration and smuggling laws. In the scheme of things they are not catching anything significant. Wow they caught a cop who possibly sold a whole 4 guns and some lady who sold 3 handguns. Compared to the thousands the cartels have this is virtually nothing. The other issue I have is that a majority of the firearms the cartels have are supposedly from the US, but they are all automatic weapons. Do you really think people are getting class 3 licenses, buying pre-ban automatic weapons and selling them at black market prices to cartels? I would venture to guess the weapons that are from the united states were sold by our government to the Mexican government and some how they ended up in the hands of the cartels. I know this seems far fetched considering the stellar reputation of Mexican Officials.

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    This is the first step--a foot in the door if you will. If they get away with this "small" intrusion then the second foot will be inserted. By taking only small bites at a time they expect that the masses will not realize how their rights are being usurped. There are better ways of controlling what flows across the border, but that has not been the real objective from the beginning. So, don't underestimate Mr. Obama. He has demonstrated throughout his entire political career just how he feels about the 2nd Amendment.
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    Yeah I saw this article and figured no big surprise here. We knew this was going to happen and they will most certainly expand the practice based on them being successful, or not being successful. This is one of those invasion of our liberties where there is no right reason to do it so they will make up, and the mainstream media will portray, that this as the only way to stop a problem that really isn't ours in the first place. Just be glad guys that most of you don't live in Houston. We have been laughing at media showing AR's wth grenade launchers on TV every night saying that you can get these at Carters Country in Houston. My wife and I aren't laughing quite so loudly now figuring that my AR-10 and 3,000 rounds will be right up their alley some day. We've already had that husband/wife discussion of what we will do when that day comes and surprisingly, she is more radical than I am. Good for her.
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    So what are we saying here? We don't want the federal government to enforce existing laws? Straw purchases are against both state and federal law. Whenever someone talks about a new law we yell and scream that they should enforce the laws that are already on the books. Now they are doing that and now we say we want them to go violate peoples 4th ammendment rights at the border instead?
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