Told you so! (International version)

Told you so! (International version)

This is a discussion on Told you so! (International version) within the The Second Amendment & Gun Legislation Discussion forums, part of the Related Topics category; Background: About 3-4 years ago, Venezuela's Assembly passed a Gun Control law aimed at restricting even more the alredy existing tight laws. I can't recall ...

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Thread: Told you so! (International version)

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    Told you so! (International version)

    Background: About 3-4 years ago, Venezuela's Assembly passed a Gun Control law aimed at restricting even more the alredy existing tight laws. I can't recall exactly but it had some feel-good title that sounded like Searching for Peace or some BS like that but the result was an inmediate raise in violent crimes. The following is the translation of part on an article published in a Venezuelan Newspaper. I am not the best of translators but I tried to keep the idea.



    Ladrones prefieren usar armas de fuego que desentrañar complicadas alarmas
    El pasado año se registraron sólo en Caracas más de tres mil robos y hurtos de vehículos. El ex jefe policial atribuyó el fenómeno a la facilidad que tienen los delincuentes para adquirir un arma de fuego y a la dificultad que tienen los ciudadanos para obtener un porte legal de armas. "Antes dudaban porque cualquier persona podía repeler el ataque, pero ahora presumen que el individuo no representa ninguna amenaza para ellos".

    Thieves rather use guns than deal with complicated alarm systems.

    Last year alone there were over three thousand vehicles robbed at gunpoint in the city of Caracas. A former police chief said that the increase in numbers is because crooks have no trouble obtaining a gun but it is very difficult for citizens to obtain a permit to carry a gun. "Before [criminals] were cautious because a citizen could repel an attack, but now they are assuming that the individual [being robbed] does not represent a threat whatsoever."
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    That sounds like something a dictator like Hugo Chavez would do.

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    Since gun control is more about people control, I doubt that Chavez y amigos will do anything but pass this foolish law into place.
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