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Although a registration scheme may still be an out since it does not specifically mention the specific weapon itself only the laws of the state in which the person resides. If the State of residence laws apply to the weapon then if you are a CA resident and you are stopped in Washington State with a gun that holds 16rds, Washington can declare that you are not covered by this law and arrest you for carrying a Concealed Weapon without a license so this could cut either way. For people in states (VT, IL, WI) and US Territories that do not issue licenses at all the wording of the law does not seem to cover anyone getting a Non-Resident License from Florida since it says specifically the "State in which the person resides" instead of the "State that issues the License" Alaska issues Concealed Weapon Licenses for persons traveling out of state, VT does not. Military keeps their initial state residence regardless of where they are stationed unless they they request to change their state of residence. (I had a FL Drivers License, Florida Registration, and a FL Resident-CWL with a California address on them. Although I couldn't use the CWL in California.)
I should have said any states non resident license.