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Thread: Milliion Gun Owner march...

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    lets do it the right way and get the message out, we the people!

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    Skip is a great guy. I have spoken to him through email many times and he has a lot of good ideas. He's also a good writer. He's written several good 2A based fiction novels. Check him out on

    I will be bringing this million gun owner march up at out TFA Meeting Thursday night.
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    I'm an hour from Richmond and two hours from DC (minus I-95 traffic). See ya at both!

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    now: here and there
    Do we really want to wait until April 2010 ? Especially when there is a rally planned for 9-12-09. YouTube - Metallica Don't Tread On Me

    9-12 Project
    "Improvise, adapt, overcome."
    "I'd rather die on my feet, then live on my knees."

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    Latest update..

    in my moringings inbox...

    News from Second Amendment March

    ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

    What's New
    ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

    Second Amendment Mercenaries

    Part of my job as Founder is to extend invitations for people to
    speak at these events. Recently, I invited a famous Second Amendment
    activist. I asked him to spend five minutes on stage. He said he would
    be very happy and honored to attend the Second Amendment March ... but
    only if we paid him $40,000.
    Color me stunned.
    I have known
    this man for years and it just never occurred to me that he charged
    money to exhibit patriotism. I didn't know anyone was able to make
    money on the Second Amendment. It's always been a big loss for me. But
    then, I'm not in it for the money. I'm in it for my freedom.
    Color me naive.
    also insisted on two "first class", round trip tickets to and from the
    event. Hmmm, makes sense I suppose. (You certainly can't expect a
    patriot to fly coach. Personally, I've never flown first class, though
    I'd like to try it once before I die.)
    Color me foolish.
    wait! There's more! He also wanted room and board at a luxury hotel and
    to be driven to and from the event. (I've never been inside a
    limousine, though I've seen them drive by and often wondered what they
    were like. I think I'd like to look inside one of those too, before I
    die of course.)
    Color me silly.
    I always thought that all
    Second Amendment advocates were like me; they worked hard, tirelesly,
    fighting for their freedom, shoulder to shoulder beside their fellow
    Americans. Apparently I was wrong. There are two classes of patriots in
    America: the rich ones and the poor ones. I would be ... the latter.
    that's okay by me and I'll tell you why. It's because I'm in good
    company. I'm organizing a march on Washington DC to celebrate my Second
    Amendment freedom, and it's the common people like you and I who are
    making it work. We don't have big sponsors - not a single one. All
    those rich ammo and firearms manufacturers who are making record
    profits? They haven't donated a penny to the Second Amendment March.
    They're getting rich off the backs of the commoners struggling to keep
    their freedom, but they refuse to ante up, even while thousands of
    little people like you and I donate our measly 10 or 20 dollars to the
    cause. But it's those little donations that are adding up and keeping
    us alive; it's five dollars from a house wife in Nebraska, a dollar
    from a pig farmer in Iowa, a ten spot from a New Jersey cab driver, and
    an occasional 50-dollar bill from a doctor or a lawyer. During an
    economic depression, it's always the little people that end up doing
    most of the living and giving and fighting in this country. It has
    always been that way. My experience has been that if you aren't
    generous when you're poor, then you'll still be selfish when you're
    To me, the best soldiers are the ones who fight based on
    their convictions, not on their financial bottom line. In the first
    American revolution, the British hired mercenaries to fight for them
    and they were beaten in the end by farmers and shopkeepers and
    blacksmiths who shot at them from behind rocks and trees. Many American
    soldiers were ill-equipped, ill-fed, and poorly trained. But they had
    something that mercenaries do not. Heart!
    And that's why the
    Second Amendment March will prevail. We are a grassroots effort
    composed of men and women with conviction, courage and indomitable
    character. Yeah, sure, it would be easier if the rich people helped us
    fight for freedom, but, with or without them, it's going to happen.
    Come April 19th all us little people will be on the National Mall
    fighting for our right to keep and bear arms.
    Color me proud.
    you know what? Now that I've had a chance to think about it, that rich
    and famous Second Amendment mercenary, the one who wants $40,000 to
    attend? He's no longer invited. I'd rather be with "real" people like
    you and I.
    Skip Coryell
    Second Amendment March Founder
    ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

    Ownership Presented by the NRA and Cabelas

    Skip Coryell will be a featured speaker at the NRA
    Workshop to be held in the Cabela's Dundee store near Detroit, MI. Skip will be
    speaking on the importance of the Second Amendment as well as giving an overview
    and update of the Second Amendment March. Skip will answer any questions in
    this small group, classroom setting. Skip will be speaking in four repeating
    sessions at 2, 3, 4, and 5PM.

    For questions and more information, contact
    Wayne Blank at 734-241-9131.
    DAY OF WEEK: Saturday
    DATE: August 29th.
    TITLE: Gun
    Ownership Presented by the NRA and Cabelas
    TIME: See
    LOCATION: Classrooms on the 2nd. floor in back of furniture
    DESCRIPTION: Nationally known speakers
    will give
    presentations on Gun Ownership
    and your 2nd Amendment Rights
    8:45-9:00 a.m., Opening remarks from Suzanne Anglewicz
    9:00-9:45, 10:00-10:45, 11:00-11:45, 12:00-12:45
    repeating presentations featuring
    Suzanne Anglewicz
    Brian Patrick
    David Coy

    2:00-2:45, 3:00-3:45, 4:00-4:45, 5:00-5:45
    4 repeating presentations
    Steve Dulan
    Bill Nichols
    ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

    Interviews and Speaking Engagements

    Skip Coryell, Second Amendment March Founder, and Terri Proud, SAM president, will
    be speaking to KVOI radio on August 30th at 1:00pm Pacific Standard Time on the
    Liberty Watch Radio America Armed & Free show.
    This show is dedicated to the principle of eternal vigilance, based
    upon the free flow of information about government, technology, current
    events, and our steadfast Constitution, So that citizens can give informed consent,
    the bedrock of our Republic, and government remains the servant, not the master.
    Click here to listen live!
    []Click-Through Tracking page
    ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

    Armed American Radio

    The Second Amendment March is happy to announce that Mark Walters, host of
    the syndicated Armed American Radio talk show will be airing two hours per
    week starting on September 13th. On that show, and once a month until April
    19th, (The DC March) Mark will feature a 15-minute segment on the Second
    Amendment March, updating you on all the latest details. Be sure to watch
    all Mark's shows at Armed American Radio
    []Click-Through Tracking page.

    Thanks Mark and United States Concealed Carry Association (USCCA
    for your rigorous defense of the Second Amendment March and the Right to
    Keep and Bear Arms!

    Armed American Radio is the official radio program of The United States
    Concealed Carry Association. As the USCCA continues to expand its reach
    across the US and since its flagship publication Concealed Carry Magazine
    has become one of, if not THE most informative gun magazine in the nation,
    reaching up to the next level of media outlets became a natural, no brainer.

    Broadcasting LIVE every week from the studios of Intelligent Talk 920 WGKA
    in the Buckhead section of Atlanta, Georgia and SYNDICATED NATIONWIDE to the
    "big birds" in the sky, AAR is now available to any radio station in North
    America. We are working very hard to get on your local dial wherever you
    may be so keep checking back as we add affiliate stations across the
    country. You may pick up the streaming live broadcast to the entire planet
    at Conservative Talk Radio, Local, National News, Traffic, 920 WGKA AM Atlanta
    []Conservative Talk Radio, Local, National News, Traffic, 920 WGKA AM Atlanta.
    ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

    State Announcements

    The date for the Ohio State Capitol March has been announced. That March will be
    held on Saturday, April 10 at 11:00am. Stay tuned for more details as they become
    Where: Eaton Rapids Conservation Club
    4100 Freeman Rd. Eaton Rapids, MI
    When: August 29st, 2009
    Time: 7:00 PM
    Contact Forrest Ray 517-708-7265
    Speak at pot luck dinner.
    your calendars for the Second Amendment March at the Virginia State
    Capitol -on April 12, 2010 at 2:00 p.m.-3:00 p.m. The march will take
    place at the Bell Tower in the Capitol park.
    Please contact Leyla Myers, Virginia State Coordinator, at
    [] and let her know if you plan to be
    there; and if you need help with transportation, parking.
    ================================================== ==============================

    September 5-6, 2009 - Second Amendment March will have a table set up at the C&E
    gun show in Norfolk
    Location: Norfolk Scope Arena
    201 East Brambleton Ave
    Norfolk, VA 23510
    Virginia State Coordinator for details and if you can help tend the
    table, even if for a portion of the day: Leyla Myers, cell phone (804)
    450 6045, or email
    ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

    Grand Rapids Gun Rights Examiner

    Here's another way you can earn money for the
    Second Amendment March at no cost to you! Simply click on this link
    (Grand Rapids Gun Rights Examiner
    []Grand Rapids Gun Rights Examiner)
    and visit the Grand Rapids Gun Rights Examiner. Every time you subscribe to
    Skip's column and read one of his articles, you earn money for the march. Skip
    Coryell, the Second Amendment March Founder, has agreed to donate all of his
    earnings to help the cause. Happy reading and happy earning!
    ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

    Second Amendment March on Twitter

    Second Amendment March is now on Twitter! Twitter is a free service that allows
    people to stay connected via short messages, called "tweets". Second Amendment
    March is utilizing this tool to provide updates and news to our supporters.

    You can follow us at: SecondAmendmentMarch (2AMarch) on Twitter
    []SecondAmendmentMarch (2AMarch) on Twitter

    ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

    How You Can Help

    There are many things you can do TODAY to make a difference for future generations:

    * Join our forums
    []Click-Through Tracking page
    * spread the word

    * pass out flyers

    * set up a town hall meeting in your area

    * write articles for the Second Amendment March website

    * write to your legislators

    * make a donation
    []Click-Through Tracking page
    * write to the media

    * Set up a Second Amendment March fundraiser in your area

    * Share your special skills/knowledge

    * wear your Second Amendment March shirt

    "It does not require a majority to prevail, but rather an irate, tireless minority
    keen to set brush fires in people's minds.."
    --Samuel Adams
    ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

    Your company here!

    Interested in a great advertising opportunity to reach an audience receptive to
    firearms and related goods and services? Advertise in the Second Amendment March
    This newsletter reaches more that 5,500 subscribers every week, not including every
    time it is forwarded to a non-subscriber. You can reach this audience to drive traffic
    to your business while at the same time helping the Second Amendment March be a
    We're running a special introductory offer. For just $50 you can have an ad
    the size of this announcement in the next issue!
    Contact SAM newsletter editor Daniel White at
    for more information!

    ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

    If you are receiving this email, it is because you requested to receive email updates
    from Second Amendment March. We NEVER spam or send unsolicited email.

    Thank you for your continued support.

    Second Amendment March


    Second Amendment March
    []Click-Through Tracking page

    In This Issue

    Second Amendment Mercenaries
    Gun Ownership Presented by the NRA and Cabelas
    Interviews and Speaking Engagements
    Armed American Radio
    Gun Rights Examiner
    We're on Twitter
    More Ways to Help
    Advertise With Us!
    Featured Article

    ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

    Did You Know?

    Second Amendment March
    []Click-Through Tracking page

    It takes a substantial amount of money to organize an event like Second Amendment
    March. Our fundraising advisors have set specific milestones that we need to meet
    in order to make the march happen. Right now we are VERY short of that goal and
    need your help! If you can help, please click on the Contribute Now button above
    to donate via our secured donation page. Thank you!
    ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

    Our Mission

    The mission of the Second Amendment March is to galvanize the courage and resolve
    of Americans; to petition our elected officials against establishing anti-gun
    and to remind America that the Second Amendment is necessary to maintain our right
    to self defense.
    It is the one right that protects
    all others.
    We will accomplish our mission by a centralized, peaceful march in Washington DC,
    the United States Capitol, supported by satellite marches to State Capitols and
    other cities all across America.
    "The sword dose not cause the murder, and the maker of the sword dose not bear sin" Rabbi Solomon ben Isaac 11th century

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