Denver Post editorial: [Colorado] Senators misfire on gun measure

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Thread: Denver Post editorial: [Colorado] Senators misfire on gun measure

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    Thumbs down Denver Post editorial: [Colorado] Senators misfire on gun measure

    Senators misfire on gun measure

    Echoes the anti-CCW/anti-self defense sentiment of NY Times, LA Times and Associated Press...

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    At least they labeled it an editorial. Now that the Rocky Mountain News is gone, the Post must think they have the field to themselves. I hope the next day's Post had an editorial with the correct point of view.

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    The article...

    Senators misfire on gun measure
    By The Denver Post

    Regardless of how the Senate vote went down, Sens. Udall and Bennet were wrong to support a concealed-carry bill.

    Colorado Sens. Michael Bennet and Mark Udall bowed to the gun lobby Wednesday — we're not quite sure how else to explain it — and supported a failed measure that would have greatly altered how concealed-carry permits for guns are regulated.

    Because they have some common sense...that's why.

    The amendment, sponsored by Sen. John Thune, R-S.D., would have required states to allow concealed- carry permit holders from other states to carry their hidden weapons across state lines.

    A Washington Post columnist reported that our two senators waited to vote, talked first with New York Sen. Charles Schumer, then cast "yes" votes — perhaps after being assured the measure wouldn't pass. Both Udall and Bennet denied the claim, with Bennet's spokeswoman saying: "Michael does not ask permission on any of his votes. Michael gave this vote a lot of thought, considered its effect on Colorado, and came to his own decision."

    Perhaps that's even worse. Thune's amendment would have created a crazy quilt of standards that allowed the weakest regulations to trump the strongest. That's bad for Colorado.

    Thune's measure had nothing to do with the constitutional right to own and bear arms. Rather, it had to do with the privilege of carrying a hidden gun.

    Then you would be OK with OC?

    To date, the Supreme Court hasn't ruled on whether carrying a hidden weapon is protected by the Constitution, Second Amendment scholar David Kopel tells us. Until it does, concealed-carry permits are considered a privilege — much like hunting licenses, which require completion of a hunter education course.

    According to the Colorado Division of Wildlife's Mark Cousins, who coordinates hunter education, the courses are largely uniform across 50 states and Canada, and the requirements are overseen by an international board.

    Surely if the privilege of hunting a duck requires such a rigorous safety and education course, carrying a hidden pistol among the general population deserves similar requirements.

    Thune's amendment does raise some relevant questions regarding interstate travel. Colorado and other states are increasingly engaging in interstate compacts that honor outsider concealed-carry permits.

    If law-abiding residents of one of the 27 states that are part of Colorado's reciprocity agreement travel here, they can use their permits legally, just as Coloradans with permits can travel freely with concealed weapons in theirs. That's not the case in states such as New York, where it's very difficult to even get a concealed-carry permit. Kopel argues that Thune was taking aim at those heavily restrictive states.

    The argument, Kopel says, is those restrictive states are endangering the lives of law-abiding people who carry weapons for self-protection. But Thune didn't address that disparity. Instead, the senator attempted to force states to accept a least-common-denominator set of regulations regarding concealed weapons.

    Our senators need to rethink their support of these policies.
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    There have always been two Colorados, the looney-left front range asylum, and the rest of the state.
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    No surprise coming from the Denver Post.
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    "To date, the Supreme Court hasn't ruled on whether carrying a hidden weapon is protected by the Constitution, Second Amendment scholar David Kopel tells us. Until it does, concealed-carry permits are considered a privilege..."

    I'm not a lawyer but I think this statement displays a fundamental misunderstanding regarding what the Constitution does and doesn't do. The Constitution innumerates the powers of the federal government. All powers not innumerated are held by the states and The PEOPLE. If the Constitution doesn't specifically grant a power to the federal government it is by default held by the states and The PEOPLE. Other then via creative twisting and parsing of the language of the Constitution (creating federal powers out of thin air) I don't find anything in the Constitution that grants the federal government powers related to who can carry a concealed firearm. Carrying a concealed weapon isn't a privilege granted to the people by the government.

    I was disappointed that NY senator Gillibrand, who had received good grades from the NRA, voted against the Thune amendment.

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    Bennet is an appointee to fill Ken Salazar's term vacated when Salazar went to the Department of the Interior via appointment by Obama. Bennet's appointment was made by Colorado's Liberal Governor, Bill Ritter. Udall ran and won this last fall as a tax and spend Boulder elitist, and is now a freshman Senator.

    Neither appear to strongly support 2A, although they "say the right things" and appear to be 2A supportive. I'll withhold any judgment of them until a "real" vote comes down the pike.

    Every time I write Udall, regardless of the topic, I get the same exact form letter in reply. Same exact. A lot of thought went into that reply, eh? Spare me <sarcasm off>. Bennet at least responds in the correct context.

    As a matter pf personal taste, they are both waaaaaay too liberal for me for many reasons, so in my book, they should be one-term failures.

    The Denver Post isn't fit for the bottom of a bird-cage.

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