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Mediocre gun states

This is a discussion on Mediocre gun states within the The Second Amendment & Gun Legislation Discussion forums, part of the Related Topics category; Originally Posted by dlclarkii Pa is mediocre, two things I wish we had was the right to transport a gun w/o a LTCF and a ...

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Thread: Mediocre gun states

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    Quote Originally Posted by dlclarkii View Post
    Pa is mediocre, two things I wish we had was the right to transport a gun w/o a LTCF and a Castle Doctrine. We can only transport a gun to a range and can not stop in between. We also don't have a true Castle Doctrine. Other than that, anyone can carry OC in public w/o a permit, it's just a matter of getting there since you can't get there w/o a permit to transport your gun so you'd have to walk from your home OCing to OC in public w/o a permit.
    I think we're much better than mediocre. I would like to see a C.D. law passed. Better transport laws would be nice as well. Further reciprocity agreements are going to be harder to come by because we have no training requirement. Not that I'm for them.

    The good stuff? Almost no restrictions as to when, where and how you can carry. NFA/class 3 stuff is ok. We have pre-emption under the UFA. LTCFs are cheap, fast and easily attainable and non-res are issued. No capacity limits. A decent number of reciprosity agreements with other states. No gun signs only mean you have to leave if asked.

    Mediocre states? No offence to any state or it's people but most states similar to TX, NC, GA and VA with the type of restrictions seem mediocre. Exceptional are VT and AK. They are as they all should be.
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    The rankings has Wisconsin as being better than VA for gun rights?!?!?
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    I can't really speak for other states, since I barely know all of the laws in Texas.

    But if I could change Texas laws, I'd probably:

    Change the CHL to a Carry Firearm Permit. That way you can get one license and CC or OC. (Thus making OC legal.)

    Also, I'd reduce the 5 year waiting period that you encounter after a Class A or B misdemeanor.

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    Quote Originally Posted by cz2075bd View Post
    The rankings has Wisconsin as being better than VA for gun rights?!?!?
    As I said before some of the things we focus on are not on the Brady bunch list -- e.g., must issue State; Castle doctrine, issues of where you can carry; amount of training/proficiency to get a CHP; suppressors; transport rules; State preemption of local control, degree of reciprocity; notification (LEO and private property), OC with out any permit, etc.

    So, their ranking might not have a direct negative correlation to one, which we might create. Did you notice neither New Hampshire nor Alaska were, in their opinion, the worst, which shows the disconnect in what we value v what they value.

    Also, they give credit for some things like "Are gun owners held accountable for leaving guns accessible to kids?" However, there are State Laws and there are State Laws, in this area. Virgina law holds gun owners responsible if they leave a gun easily accessible to a child under 14 years old and the child uses the gun to injure or threaten someone -- what juries here agree as easily accessible would not meet some States "requirements" and there is no prior constraint law.

    Again, they give partial credit for some things.

    IMHO, Virginia would be somewhere near the middle of a rank listing of States in the things that matter to most of us.

    BTW -- the average of the scores assigned by the Brady Bunch was 17.66 and Virginia's score was 18 -- FWETW. Which IMHO, means we have a ways to go.
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    Quote Originally Posted by SIGP250 View Post
    If you want to get a good CCW, It needs to be Missouri, Utah or Florida.

    It is purely political and how one attorney general deals with another to bargain for equal or better law. I think it is a game they play. Reciprocity in any of these states is better than any others. Missouri is best but you must be a resident. If you are not a resident and and say from Illinois where there is no Concealed Carry Law, we teach Florida or Utah. It is not as good in as many states as MO but gives you the right to carry concealed with reciprocity in several states.

    Actually Michigan allows me to carry in more states then does Florida or Utah or Missouri. However there is no non resident permits so you must be a resident. On the flip side, Michigan recognizes any resident state permit, whether they recognize ours or not.

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    What is their criteria?..........

    Quote Originally Posted by DaveH View Post
    Brady Campaign Blog

    Just remember the source and think negative correlation of value.
    How on earth can Oklahoma, Kentucky and Louisiana be tied for 48th? Oklahoma doesn't even allow open carry and Louisiana is iffy at best. Idaho, New Mexico and Arizona have virtually no restrictions except
    requiring a permit for CC.
    In NM I can open carry, conceal carry w/o a permit in my vehicle, CC w/o a permit if the gun isn't loaded, Private sales, class III, everything else is legal. Only have to be 19 to own a handgun...???
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    If FL had OC and the right to protect your property (TX style) could be the best overall state (IMHO)...most other FL laws are OK.
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    Mediocre Gun States

    I see that the Brady Bunch listed Illinois as rated in 9th place. I understand they have dropped the rating. I wonder if Illinois would have changed, recently the Illinois Supreme Court ruled that a car console is a container for purposes of transporting a firearm. This means that you can transport a handgun unloaded in the console, along with a loaded magazine if you have an Illinois Firearm Owners ID (FOID) card. This gives someone the "6 seconds from safety" type option. For those without the FOID card, the rule is encased and not immediately accessible or broken down. Also a bill passed that clarifies that you can legally carry a firearm on someone elses property with their permission. This is probably taken for granted in many states, but I think it is a step in the right direction for Illinois. The way the UUW laws read before this I don't see how someone could be convicted for it, but someone apparently was. Illinois does have laws protecting you from being sued when you defend yourself or another from someone committing a felony, so that is good.

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    All things said I think things have gotten better. Just one Supreme Court Justice away from disaster. Good thing states stand up for thier rights. Bad thing that any government at any level tramples on individual rights.
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    VT doesn't allow suppressors and MO doesn't allow non-firearm carry, at least according to the AG - if you read the R.S. fixed blade knives are allowed, but Koster apparently can't read. In MO in order to obtain any NFA items you have to get a C&R and all gov't buildings, including state run range offices are off limits to CC - we still got a ways to go.

    Anything but shall issue for all weapons (guns, knives, etc), no hoops to jump through for NFA, and free to carry anywhere except posted businesses, courts, and banned by federal law is mediocre. Really, I shouldn't need a permit or stamp for anything I want to buy or to carry.

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    2 NEW JERSEY 63
    5 MARYLAND 53
    6 NEW YORK 51
    8 HAWAII 43
    9 ILLINOIS 28
    T-11 DELAWARE 22
    T-11 MICHIGAN 22
    T-14 OREGON 18
    T-14 VIRGINIA 18
    T-14 WASHINGTON 18
    T-17 COLORADO 16
    T-17 IOWA 16
    19 ALABAMA 15
    20 OHIO 13
    T-21 MAINE 12
    T-21 WISCONSIN 12
    T-23 MINNESOTA 11
    T-23 NEVADA 11
    26 NEBRASKA 10
    T-27 TEXAS 9
    T-27 VERMONT 9
    T-27 WYOMING 9
    T-31 INDIANA 8
    T-31 MONTANA 8
    T-33 GEORGIA 7
    T-33 KANSAS 7
    T-33 TENNESSEE 7
    T-36 ARIZONA 6
    T-36 ARKANSAS 6
    T-36 FLORIDA 6
    T-36 IDAHO 6
    T-36 NEW MEXICO 6
    T-43 ALASKA 4
    T-43 MISSOURI 4
    T-43 UTAH 4
    T-48 KENTUCKY 2
    T-48 LOUISIANA 2
    T-48 OKLAHOMA 2

    OK is tied for last even though we have no open carry? Also we have to abide by the gunbuster signs, unlike say MO or FL. No carry on campus like in Utah.

    I wish that list was right.
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